1. You got two really good ones! I love the hash plant. The Rollins was one of my favorites I had it in the live resin tho

  2. I love it it’s a super balanced high and tastes amazing. I have been thru like 6 of them already

  3. Some of the stuff I had from cresco was really good I think it was rollins and a Pineapple Express. Wellspring GMO is really tasty too if you like the skunky taste.

  4. Really liked this one, leaves a great after taste

  5. I'd say one of the top 10 best products in the program.

  6. One of my favorite night time strains forsure

  7. Terp slurper with a pillar and pearls, a couple marbles complete the set

  8. That’s nice I miss my terp balls, I can’t find them 😅😅

  9. I forgot to post a pic of the label but the terpenes were Car-8.90, Limonene-2.65, Humulene-2.50, Linalool- 2.46, Myrcene- .55 Total THC- 615.72 Mg

  10. I got this on sale for 30% off at Terrasana and I should’ve bought two of them! super gassy smell to it which I like. I also got 4 of the live resin pods of this strain as it’s becoming one of my favorites

  11. How do you like the sherbhead pod? I think it’s the only klutch live resin I haven’t tried besides ICC

  12. One of my go to strains for helping me sleep, it just turns my mind off and I can relax with this and triple crown

  13. That lemon slushee live resin pod is great. I think I like the orange 43 even better though which is interesting because I prefer the CO2 lemon slushee cart over the o43🤔

  14. Some people understand or their minds and viewpoints can be changed but others have been brainwashed and conditioned to believe it’s so bad and won’t consider the ample evidence to the contrary. It’s sad and downright comical especially when oftentimes those same people have no issue with alcohol because our government said one is illegal.

  15. You'll love the orange 43 one if you havent tried it yet!

  16. I have the live resin one right now it’s so delicious!

  17. “Are you playing army golf today? You know army golf? Left, Right, Left, Right, Left” 😅

  18. I picked this up today too, it’s great. I can’t decide which one I like better this or orange 43

  19. Let’s gooooo I need to try this one of my fav luster strains rn

  20. Well the post wasn't very direct with the statement led me to believe it was Ohio's price i only buy THC-O and other legal cannabinoids atm because i dont have my medical card yet. And the statement saying Ohio's concentrates only have up to 77% total thc in them? I used to live in coshocton Ohio and my ex gf got wax and distillate all day from their dispensary and always let me choose i always got luster pods or distillate at like 80%+ thc total.

  21. I have been in the program over 2 years and have never seen anything at 80%

  22. The big head one melts me forsure. I wanna try that ice cream cake.

  23. It’s amazing, I can’t wait for them to hopefully make a live resin one

  24. It depends on the dispensary and time of day you go. I went to rise yesterday for their 25% off sale and got right in. Bloom will be a madhouse I bet. If you go during the middle of the day you will have a decent chance of getting in pretty quickly I feel like.

  25. I used to get super stoned when I first started smoking and like recognize actors were acting on tv and I could only focus on that lmao

  26. I stopped going to bloom because I don’t wanna wait an hour to get served every time. This sale is nice tho if you don’t mind waiting.

  27. I’m always paranoid of that happening on the course. Hope you’re doing better!

  28. “Don’t come back here that’s my seat” after touching his seat 🤣🤣

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