1. I love the truly body butter! I have a lot of products from them!

  2. They love that Ciate palette LOL I got it too

  3. A bath pillow. You inflate it and stick it to the back of the tub to use while soaking.

  4. I don't like these things, they seem to collect soap scum and mold fairly rapidly.

  5. Such luck of the draw involved here. I always seem to come out with a fuzzy end of the lollipop so I stopped taking chances like this... I would get super salty at these other people for getting all this great shit when I got the worst possible combination. Really silly for me to get that upset I know but I guess it's just my personality 🤣

  6. It’s true though. She was exposed for literally pretending to be a victim of revenge porn , did she get cancelled ? And not to mention the shit load of other shady shit this family , especially Kim does. They’re still thriving. It’s gotten to a point where nothing will actually cancel this family

  7. I just don't get it. Who are the idiots that continue to support and watch this family ? I think they're the real criminals.

  8. I remember when I first joined, the add-ons were fantastic. It seemed like the prices were proportionate to crazy good Black Friday deals. I'm a bargain hunter and the add-on sales were truly amazing. Over the last couple of years the prices have gone way up in add-ons and the shop. The days of good deals are long over at FabFitFun. I feel like the boxes were always sort of hit or miss. Lately the boxes have been much more in the miss category. In the past the boxes seemed to follow a seasonal theme. The seasonal boxes are no longer cohesive. The products really seem junky and inferior quality as well as the obvious short dated and expired beauty product issues. If I'm after beauty and makeup I usually wait for sales at Sephora and Ulta and stock up then. Fabfitfun is not offering anything I can't live without or find elsewhere for a better price or better quality of goods.

  9. Don’t feel silly! I splurged on the pink one during the whole pink debacle last year bc I loved the previously posted pale baby pink coloured blankets, not because I actually needed another blanket lol. When it arrived and was mauvy brown I was extremely disappointed! I get it!

  10. If they're out of stock on something they need to keep a backup choice list and let people choose the replacement they get or refund. I don't know what kind of system they have in place for picking replacements, but it seems all over the place.

  11. Agreed ! It would save them a lot of time and hassle as well. They would only have to refund or ship something once, instead of dealing with multiple complaints etc.

  12. Yes, I've read about workers sabotaging their work if they're unable to quit. I once received two right boots last year! I hope the workers and supervisors are able to work out these issues soon. I've actually found Ipsy CS quite nice other than a long email correspondence once. Luck of the draw I guess. Would you like me to locate the good CS rep that helped me so that you may request them?

  13. Seems like i am seeing a trend with people favoring gbp when trying to narrow down subs

  14. I used to have all tiers from both companies. I now only get GBP & GBX. I feel like they are the 2 best out there, that have done me wrong the least. Haha . I also subbed to Fabfitfun for years, I'm dropping that after the winter box because it's gone downhill.

  15. I think those are all great bundles. I would love to get all three and use them for Christmas gifts. It does make me wonder how over inflated $ those unhide blankets are, if they can give them away in a $15 bundle with two other awesome products 🤔 . They probably have a couple dollars in them tops 😁

  16. I know right - it's like they keep pulling stuff out of a crypt in their basement. This candle should be five bucks tops.

  17. What is it about this oil that makes things better ? Personally I've just never gotten anything out of stuff like this and I'm curious

  18. We got the same shitty skin massager tool in Ipsy Glam Bag X this month. GBX should be a step up from Boxy Premium so now I'm really perturbed that I got this 🤣

  19. I have GBX too. I saw people unboxing GBX with that tool, and I was surprised I saw that in my BoxyCharm box 😂 ugh i dont like beauty tools like that. I am so lucky I didn’t get the same one on each box

  20. For sure. That would have been a real bummer. I wound up selling mine on ebay for 20 bucks, so it worked out.

  21. I am questioning if anyone actually got it or if it was a tactic by FFF to keep customers. I went on the second it went on sale, skipped to box boost immediately, and it was already sold out!

  22. Honestly you are probably better off. I'm sure this was old stock or expired stock or something was off with it. 15.00 is just too good to be true for this product. I've been burned too many times on "deals" like this.

  23. I 100% think this is how big brands get into sub boxes. I've seen upsidedown labels on Nars, mis identification on eyeshadow finishes on Natasha Denona, not quite fully filled on Skin Inc and on and on. My guess is the brand had a bad run on a product and that the product is still fine to use, or the percentage that isn't it low, and rather than toss it they partner with FFF, Ipsy and Boxycharm to get rid of it.

  24. I work for a broad line food distributor and this goes on in my business as well and you are 💯 correct. For example Olive Garden has a tight spec on their breaded chicken for parm. If there is a "bad run" or some product on a run that doesn't meet the spec, it will be pulled and resold to secondary distributors (like us) and we get it at a deep discount. We add a few bucks to it (to make our profit) and we sell it to our customers at a discount. The difference is we are transparent about the product and how/why we have it, at the price we have it etc.

  25. Totally agree, maybe I’m just noticing an even worse quality and the customizations weren’t my cup of tea this time. Who knows.

  26. Way to go. I think a lot of us are hanging on hoping that the next season will be better, but it never is. Kind of like an addict chasing after their initial high, but it's never as good as the first time.

  27. Still feeling salty about getting this. When I did put a battery in it, the damn thing wouldn't work 🤪

  28. I contacted Ipsy and got run around in circles for quite a while. It is a long story I will send in additional comments later today, but I was curious what they did to compensate everyone and if it was uniform. I don't believe they actually had a single one of those PUR palettes in their inventory ever.

  29. First they sent me a Lifestyle Company oil cleanser. I complained about that and they sent me another face palette by a DLS brand. I also complained about that and they gave me 1200 points 🤣.

  30. “We goofed”, lol. This PR nightmare of a CEO trying to deflect accountability from the drama he created 😂

  31. As soon as I read this, I knew everybody in this sub would be all over that comment 🤣

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