1. So if it’s a brand new lower. Would I have a problem registering a radical firearms pistol Lower as an sbr ?

  2. I don't think that logic applies, especially in Boston. but people continue to file for SBR stamps in Massachusetts, and they are granted.

  3. I'm saying that making a short barreled rifle does not legally make it not an assault weapon. It would still need to comply with the AWB in Massachusetts, and comply with Boston's ban, if applicable. but that does not mean people don't get stamps in Massachusetts. people in the Commonwealth are filing for stamps and the ATF is granting them.

  4. The assault weapons ban is not really what I’m worried about now. I know I’d still have to comply. Im pretty sure the Boston ban doesn’t even exist anymore I’ve done research on it and seen it but if that was the case they wouldn’t be selling even preban “ assault weapons “ to Boston residents. I’m worried about the lower being post Healy that’s my worries pretty much

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