1. Wow, you don't even understand why anyone's talking about this, do you? Come on, let's hear it. Why does everyone here except for you think it's a bad idea to advertise what you have to steal? I gave you a hint because I know you're not that bright.

  2. Because I think it’s none of my business what someone else does with there license plate. Freedom of speech? Heard of it? And you people instantly jump to insults lol, I’m not bright. What’s the last productive thing you’ve done besides complain like a little bitch

  3. So are any handguns banned? Or can we still own whatever? This law seems confusing.

  4. How you like the red dot over a scope? Thinking about going up to an lpvo on my 16inch

  5. I only have experience with scopes on bolt guns so I’m hesitant to answer. Before I found a deal on the mri I was looking at a vortex 1-6. Recently I’ve been considering picking up a vmx-3t but I’d like to get an opinion from someone who isn’t a YouTuber.

  6. Gotcha no worries that’s where my experience is with them too. Everyone seems to be using one now but I don’t like being a part of the fad but if they are legit then I’m down to try one

  7. Is the ac on? When the compressor cycles can also cause the tensioner to “bounce” but that’s normal. Now if it’s making that noise that was in the video then the pulley is beginning to fail. But always hard to tell from a video.

  8. I'm not sure anyone actually knows for sure about stripped lowers. At least, I haven't heard or seen anything that would confirm. If I had to guess I'd say they're banned since the bill banned "lookalike" weapons which includes AR-15s, and since the lower is the part that is considered the "firearm" then it seems like they're effectively banned. That said, I hope I'm wrong and would be happy to hear evidence otherwise.

  9. I’ve heard both that it is banned and that it’s not

  10. I don't think anyone knows. Not even the folks that passed the bill. Unfortunately, it might take someone getting busted and it being litigated before we know for sure. I believe the Delaware law was based on the Connecticut law, which does ban stripped lowers.

  11. Okay I understand hopefully it’ll be over turned possibly it’s pretty dumb

  12. I just went on that sub to see what it was about and holy shit I couldn’t read pass like 2 posts without wanting to throw up, those people in that sub literally are out of touch with the world.

  13. gov officials, service member and LEOs are exempt. Maybe they’re keeping stock for those potential buyers. Idk.

  14. Funny how they always exempt themselves from it .

  15. Lol, I like how you spin that. The vaccine mandate originated with the unconstitutional OSHA directive that was struck down by the Supreme Court for companies over 100 employees.

  16. Your wasting your time bro, they are either far left or far right they can’t see the middle ground

  17. If seen some nice houses for sell on the eastern shore of VA. Not sure where you want to move to in Virginia, but I love it here, I can also put you in touch with a really good realtor. And a good lender

  18. We have a really great realtor from Coldwell Banker Global Luxury that was assigned to us by my husband’s company (part of his relocation package & promotion). We got really lucky with her but anyone who’s been in your area and knows the region should be able to offer you insight. Good luck with everything

  19. No, Western PA is north and south. York is south east as close to DC as you can get and still be in PA.

  20. Love the little house/cabin could I message you, me and fiancé are thinking on buying some property and moving up to Maine

  21. ID? at 200 yards, unless you have eagle vision, you won't know who you're looking at or what they're holding.

  22. Brave of you to assume I shoot with my eyes open

  23. How is 2x does it feel like enough magnification?

  24. It is nice up close, and comfortable out to id Say 200m. It’s like, good enough for most things, but not great for the extremes. They make a 3x if you want longer

  25. My gfs friend has the exact same car as me, which calls for premium, and she’s apparently had no issues. Idk about newer ones though.

  26. 2005 TL. But looks like yours is a turbo 4? So it might be a little more sensitive than the ol J32. I’ve always ran premium in mine nonetheless

  27. PSA's take on a AK103, it may be a poor man's rifle but I've ran the fuck out of it with 0 issues

  28. Good to know looking at getting a gf3 maybe

  29. You won't regret it man, their stock triggers are decent, I swapped it out with an ALG on my old WASR

  30. Good to hear I’m going to buy one soon. Thanks again man, love the m81 also 👌

  31. I see you run your optics like a true man, tally ho my good lad.

  32. What mileage did you replace the Chain at?

  33. 250ish, was in there doing the VTC gear and was already in there so might as well.

  34. Gotcha just wondering I have a 2010 rdx with the 2.3 so I didn’t know what to expect

  35. So the released in favor of gun owners? I bet people are going insane today 😂

  36. Oh you have no idea how mad the bluecheck marks are.

  37. Then, by all means, explain what you disagree with. If you disagree about the effect this will have on gun violence then show me some numbers. Show me where a statistically significant portion of gun violence is the result of a weapon purchased after someone is accused or convicted of domestic abuse or young people (18-21) using weapons they legally purchased. And if you really want to put that argument from me to bed, then show me those things happening even after the laws already on the books have been enforced.

  38. That’s what concerns me the most about red flag laws, is the fact they can be abused, and also who makes the decision someone is unstable. Obviously an unstable or dangerous person I think most of us can agree don’t need firearms available at least at the moment in time while they get themselves straight.

  39. I was in the same boat and if it’s not past 300 yards 3-4x is plenty

  40. Hmmm. I'm not anti-gunner. I've been discussing with you about why it's not possible to alter 2A to find a solution about ongoing shootings in USA. All I'm seeing is the flat-out refusal to come up with ideas. There have been over 20 amendments to the Constitution and they have been altered to find compromises. Why not 2A as well?

  41. Not tonight fed boi I’m done “discussing “ with you.

  42. The sad fact is that your opinion implies that it doesn't matter how many people get killed as long as 2A is untouched.

  43. If that’s how you feel about all I’ve said, whatever makes you sleep better at night. Anti gunners will always try and twist and turn everyone into the bad guy if we all don’t agree with you.

  44. My girlfriend used 87 long term and it destroyed the CPV and it would randomly go into limp mode. She finally took my advice and now it runs like a dream. As hard as the pill is to swallow, you’ll get more range out of the tank

  45. Thank you. That’s the technical answer I wanted to hear for either one way or another. I appreciate it

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