1. Nice I have sane one in original box with all accessories... also just found a 40 round mag for it hidden away which apparently are worth a good bit.

  2. As a ak collector md sucks since 2013... there are a few work around's but it sucks overall...

  3. Price of mags has me thinking I may not want the gun lol... are mags always this much?

  4. If the price of the mags turns you away…run. The HK tax is real.

  5. I've been dabbling into this new platform and noticed anything hk is pricey. It's not a big deal but was just wondering if there were any other options to get along with some og mags.

  6. Fun ak.. love mine... very loud and nice fire balls

  7. Fun guns..I own 4 of them in different configurations...800 isn't bad price these days

  8. Stocks are available but the wood handguards are tough to locate. I found a beautiful set but paid up more than I wanted .

  9. Condition? Link? I wldnt mind having another bc I'm getting another ptr

  10. Have had a 627 since 2012 and really like it.

  11. I've had one these since 2012 and it's been great. Mine was bought used (looked new) but it was barely never used and it came with a nice c more red dot and it's super accurate and fun to shoot. Guess I got lucky bc mine doesn't have the giant tracker name on it lol.

  12. I'm actually mad now I didn't purchase from what a country when they were 750.00.. I was getting ready do a big purchase from there and was waiting to do it all together... dam it lol

  13. Well, I guess you can use this one is Belgium made as excuse, not sure if that mattered compared to imbel and Israeli

  14. I haven't gotten to use it as much as I'd like but it does seem to get dirty quickly

  15. Also the customer service from ptr has been nothing short of amazing. They awnser quickly and get things done quickly. Very impressed so for.

  16. Man it's crazy how much these have changed in value from 2019. All of a sudden 556 AK's are cool lol. They always been aces with me.

  17. Yep they have really shot up in past few years but again everything has ak... so I think it's just following the trend

  18. Thanks, ya the underfolders are even harder to come by. Great investment ya got there

  19. I overpaid at the time but from what I've seen I'm good now lol. Most everything I have has doubled in value and some even more.. crazy.. glad I was able to get what I did.... can't wait to post my grail... polytech legend underfolder nib ... its absolutely beautiful. U can look under my posts and see some of my neat stuff... still have bunch more to add tho

  20. Run don't walk to that deal.. galil arm is a awesome weapon. Arm/ar kits are all but dried up it seems especially the Nicely cut ones.. Heck arm parts kits with cut receiver pieces with plastic handguards are selling for 750-1250 now if u even get lucky and find a nice one with plasma cut receiver that's not also cut where the barrel threads in.. One pictured is a beautiful kit with wood and impossible to find( bipod currently) and it's built on a awesome receiver . Wonder what barrel it's using? But yes trade lol

  21. Well dam .even better especially if it's not one of the blaster grades..

  22. Anyone Ever see a 20 round like this? It's older and came from a big collection from the 80s early 90s..

  23. So the sealed pack is either 4 or 5 Chinese flat backs. They are not polytech. No chrome followers and no 3 witness holes. I collect Chinese stuff heavy and have seen these translated and opened

  24. Looks like the 20 rd is called a type 95c 3 rib .... there is also a 3+1 version. Not sure what they were specifically made for tho but apparently they are pretty uncommon/rare.

  25. That 30 rd is a type 81... I have 4 of those.... common in Canada not the US That pack has 5 in it ...I'll keep it sealed as I think it's neat. I have a bunch more stuff I'll post at some point... like transitional with spine , some sino soviets with 66 , a bunch of all stamp 30s ,five or so different type 63 mags , triangle 66 bakelites , chrome and blue follower with 3 witness holes, bunch 84s mags including a 40rd ,few sks 20rd star mags. Some other things also I'm not sure what they are. I've never seen a 20rd like one I pictured so I guess it's fairly rare...wonder what they are worth bc I can't find much info or pics of it? I c good bit info on tyoe 63 mags but not that 20 flatback.

  26. Fair prices on both. I'd grab them if it were me... no more ever imported..

  27. Nice.... I have the whole set I guess u can say... i have a nos one of every generation.... one day I'll get around to posting them..pretty neat stuff..

  28. Yep. I've always loved and hunted with lever actions. I regret getting rid of my Marlin 30-30 🥺

  29. I just gave the beautiful wood on mine a nice coat of oil ...looks great.

  30. Yea I love the 124g .. its basically golden tiger re-branded.... gt was my favorite 762x39 range ammo out of everything I tried which was pretty much every brand. I really like the 8m3 ammo for its better ballistics and have few cases of it sealed away. M67 is awesome ammo but corrosive however its very accurate and good ballistics ...have few cases put away of it also.

  31. I agree. If I was below 5K I'd buy a case as I only see prices steady or slightly increasing until 1991 2.0 (could be years).

  32. Right? I have more than enough ammo (except 308 ) but when I seen a decent deal like the 350.00 all in Gallo deal last week on basically repackaged golden tiger (my favorite ammo) I bought a few even know I have 20+ packed/sealed away lol.. I don't wanna look back 3 -5 years from now when it's 400-500+ a case ...just like i sld of been buying it real cheap before covid for 200-250 a case. ... first world problems I suppose lol.

  33. Glad to see these back in stock for people that have been needing them . I bought a few sar and arm barrels last time they were in stock since they are rarely available and prices continue to go up. Now we Just need some arm/ar kits with the receiver pieces and wood handguards. Even some nice cut up sar kits with all pieces wld b nice.

  34. Me 2.. I can get new ones made a few places but wld really like a og one also

  35. Sg use to be my go to place since 2013 but they really did some bogus crap the past few years ...

  36. The maxxtech deal from gallo last week for 350 shipped and no tax was a nice deal... its basically golden tiger under another name and was a fair price considering.... def better than tula.

  37. Galil is great but the g3 clones are really fun also and the 7.62x39 is a pleasure to shoot and probably one of the most accurate ways to shoot cheap steel case.

  38. Not picky really.. its designed around the magpul ones that work perfectly however some ak mags work without modification but all ak mags can work with some modification.

  39. M49/57. Barrels are 60 days out, but I might turn my own.

  40. This ×39 is 349 shipped to your door. This was the price most ×39 was to your door before the Russian conflict and after president changed the importation rules.... I know bc I was holding off for betrer prices but it never happened other than some tula /wolf occasionally for 325-330 to your door. Imo this is some of the best overall made steel case as it's the same as golden tiger which I love . It seems to be very consistent/hotter and cleaner than most and it's sealed which is nice also. Doubt we see prices any cheaper than this ...probably sld of bought more and will kick myself later lol.

  41. ×39 back in stock.. looks like about 25 cases left actually

  42. Guess some orders got canceled or you all found a few more.. was able to grab a box... thank you

  43. I have a dp marked one.. the dp and db are rarer and very nicely made.. great finish and overall attention to detail from what I've seen

  44. They are beautiful..that's for sure.. you can get a bayo for 150-250 usually..

  45. I’ve been seeing them listed at $250-$300. You got a line on one for $150 I’ll buy right it right now.

  46. Hey there is a legend bayo in the Comblock classifieds that wld look great on yours for 200 shipped

  47. I thought I seen a few gb sales under 200 over the last month or so.. someone had one on fb for a good price also....I'll if it's still available

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