1. Damn bro I actually picked it up and didnt think it was that bad the taste is there just not as much and it was definitely not as dense or potent but still alright at the lowered price. I think your shitting on it a bit to much lol, and i think everyone can appreciate a sweet fruity flavor on occasion

  2. I thought it tasted horrible lol 😆 it was 26% I think. The taste was just not for me. Not big in fruity ones unless it has some gas to it. I definitely never will get it again. But that's just me.

  3. And I just said I don't like fruity ones . So.... what's your point ? Lol shits is horrible.

  4. I have lemon slushee and big head right now that taste like straight mold and I won’t smoke it

  5. Just got a big head half from sunny side and it's some gas.

  6. Maybe That's why it hasn't been on shelves barely.

  7. That looks terrible. Why is galenas so bad....

  8. Harvest in beavercreek it was the cokoh brand. I made a post with pictures and the Terp info.

  9. Big difference between klutch and cokoh. Not even comparable.

  10. Been looking it up and everywhere says unknown lineage.

  11. Didn’t think that was allowed. Near expiration, yeah. But three weeks past date is sketchy.

  12. They can sell expired just has to be on sale.

  13. They are small, but personally I don’t care. It’s the same batch with the same results, so I don’t need big buds. It’s all going to the grinder anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️

  14. If it works for you that's all that matters.

  15. Do you stay away from small buds? No judgements, just curious why if so?

  16. Yes normally small buds are from the bottom of the plant and has less thc. If they tested the bigger buds and the smaller buds separately the smaller buds would be less potent. And normally lack as much flavor. Also smaller buds are leafier. But like I said what matters is what you think. But yes I normally avoid smalls.

  17. Try local Grove brain stew, runtz, alpha runtz, breath mintz, and count chunkula. Those are my favorites so far. Alpha runtz brain stew and breath mintz being my favorite.

  18. Extra heavy hitters. You'll feel like you're in a narcotic lol and the taste is amazing. They do it right!

  19. Haven't seen it in like 9 months. Pretty Salty about it. Along with koala mints and lemon mints. I'm sure it'll be soon. Wish they'd grow some new strains.

  20. 100% klutchs was better! By far. Ancient roots looked nothing like jealousy at all.

  21. And those prices are yaxed they should be 10 a piece at most

  22. Looks pretty bad. But maybe it could surprise you. My guess from the way it looks is it dint have a a smell and barely gets you high.

  23. Pro gro is pure options in house grow and it’s one of my favs. Usually fresh and they always have 15-20 dollar 8ths.

  24. Definitely gonna try more. Wish there was one close to Detroit though.

  25. the owner of the company has been lobbying for legalization of cannabis at the state and federal level for over 10 years, came from a longgg history in the michigan grey market, and named a strain after the judge who ruled to allow caregivers to continue to operate and allowed provisioning centers to stay open here. just some extra insight that might make you feel even better about your purchase!

  26. Nice! Yeah that does make it even better! Lol

  27. Well as his brother you should help him. None of those things mean you should only get paid 11 and hour. Jobs will hire you before they even look at you anymore. There's more jobs then people. All you have to do is try. Not even try hard. Just try.

  28. No rejection. I just said they will hire you before you get there. Just for showing up. You can't complain about his boss and then say he likes his job. You're not making sense. Either get a new job or don't complain. There's gonna be people no matter where you go. And if he got a maybe a call center job or something in the phone they'll let you work from home and the normally start at least 16 hour and don't even have to leave the house.

  29. I had a jar from Woodward about 2 years ago and they never released it again. I agree it needs to be available in the program

  30. That Woodward sour diesel was amazing. So of course they never grew it again.... they need to bring back wedding cake koala mints and lemon mints. They keep putting out the same boring flower and it was wet asf for 3 batches in a row so I haven't got anything from them in months.

  31. The only info they give you on there website is thc% so I wonder why people are looking at thc %? It hits like dead bud hardly any effects and doesn't last. So yea, I just wanted what I ordered.

  32. It was gonna be like that no matter the% . It's Cresco. Cresco is booty. Don't get Cresco.

  33. First timers we give 25% off. We are disabled veteran owned and operated, veteran discount is 20% everyday and we give out a ton of penny eighths on all the major vet centered holidays. I am an owner and work at the facility full time.

  34. Is your flower really top shelf? Those prices scare me. I only like really good strong flavorful flower and don't mind paying more for it. What do you recommend?

  35. Our top shelf tier is $100/oz $60/half, we have a value tier as well with $50-60oz, $12.50 1/8ths, $5 100mg gummies, etc.

  36. Thank you for the response! I think I'll head your way tomorrow! Definitely like what you're telling. There's just alot of of cheap stuff that's not very good and it just makes me nervous lol

  37. Can you get into Vcs with a out of state medical card?

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