1. C'est pareil pour le renouvellement du bail. J'ai l'impression que beaucoup ne savent pas que l'on peut imprimer la réponse à l'avis de renouvellement sur le site du TAL et cocher "refuser l'augmentation et renouveller son bail". Arme sacrément efficace contre les augmentations abusives (si logement non récemment rénové ofc).

  2. Chez moi il fait 16°C ca drop a 14 quand le concierge ouvre le garage chaque matin à 5am-6am en plus de me reveiller. Je chauffe avec le four pour compenser, il m'avait toujours dit qu'il n'était pas supposé mais anyway il se sont arrangé. Et apres 3-4 ans a me niaiser il a officiellement échangé mon droit a la chaleur et au sommeil pour l'espèce de bully qui s'était toujours parker a l'arrière. Me dit de déménager etc.... il le sait quil me réveille ou reveille mon fils le weekend. Il rentre a 23h et plus sort des fois entre 4h30 et 5h45. Il a froid dans son char et ca merite que j'aille froid et le petit à chaque fois que sa paresse et son ego de bouette l'y incite. Dailleur je vais vous dire cest confo comment ici.... 17.7 pas pire pour une journée qui fait 0 ...

  3. Oh man his eccentric nuts came loose again. Time to torque down all the roller bearing screws.

  4. Tell me you have 4 springs. 1 on each corner of the bed over the knob

  5. Yesterday was the day the gear went loose on my extruder. Did something like that.

  6. Happy hunting my friends. 🇨🇦 🤜🤛🇺🇦

  7. Imagine she drop a grenade in that bunch of retards.

  8. There is a flash at the bottom left before the kaboom?

  9. Let's goooo Good Ruskie. Continue making russia better again. 🇺🇦

  10. Well they need to replace the Wagner that now sleep. Good job Ukraine 🇺🇦 👏

  11. Maybe recalibrate a bit of everything. Step of extruder, pom wheel was looking good. Plastic stock extruder?

  12. As consumer products go, I haven’t bought anything this bad in years. The manual is irrelevant, an accurate build was only possible thanks to fans like yourselves with videos, guides and tips. The bed levelling doesn’t begin to match up to the videos though. A tight page on the bed in one corner can be 10mm on the next corner and the adjustment wheel is spinning freely on the opposite corner 🤣 So far I’ve reset all the wheels back to their original position, or as close as possible given there are no measurements provided. I’ve cut the tab off the z-axis stop to allow the nozzle to get within 10mm of the bed (as per a reddit tip from 4 years ago) which helped a lot and I’m now considering the recommended spring replacement. I was hoping for even a test print as much out of the box as possible, that way I could learn the difference in upgrades as I go, but it’s looking decreasingly likely. I’ll have another free hour later in the week to try again. Anyone with a 3 v2 and been tortured by out of the box levelling, feel free to share your tips. Most of the videos on YouTube are out of date now, ignore the z-axis tab blockage or say turn the knobs 4 times each to get close to a starting point. That really doesn’t get you anywhere near a starting point 🤣

  13. Lets say you are quite right, how did you first first first put the spring tension up to and go for a level to the 4 corner? Usually the center of the bed is like .08 easily lower than the rest but the manual 5x5 mesh is dealing with that. Now I don't know if my duramic yellow petg is super huge garbage but if I swap to any pla without bag it would manage to print. Now it stick some place other it squirted like wavy a bit like a super stretched spring. I did put hotter, move up and down z axis drop flow to 95 and 93 since default fw was 93... also frequently my z is .2 over or under. Maybe I forgot something. Could be bad g code start. The m420 a thing or g29 I'm live listening again like back in the day when I knew nothing. Eventually I could post clip of my f up. I releveleing from scratch, pita incoming.

  14. Weird, I've not changed mine and have had no problems.

  15. I think there is pro and cons not sure. I have swap to yellow one since they other half of the time I have my printer now 8 got more pain in the as.. problems. I thought maybe with vibration and pressure of more strong spring could help unscrew them itself sorry me English. Stock one was great. The poop thing is the plastic extruder. Good Luck and Happy printing!

  16. where you get that flag i want one for christmas. glory to ukraine, our brother

  17. My bed is wrapped pretty bad, lots of hills and valleys. I edited my firmware to use a manual bed mesh leveling, cause I didn't feel like getting the BL touch. So I level the bed with like 16 points or something like that once and it's been pretty decent so far. Much better first layers than before

  18. Any got more than usual z off set either after leveling or Manu mesh don't matter then for any reason like restarting the print is enough to put everything 0.2 too high so nothing stick so you lower then next time it's near scrapping on it. Would pom wheel be the culprit?

  19. Got the black 3dtouch never made it near something either z go up z go down, z goes ballistic into bed , z did nothing..... 3dtouch went beside printer... plug via z switch on ender 3v2 not yet tried with new firmware same with the 4.2.2 bl touch port I did swap de pin neither did any good. It was quite cheap I can't exclude its only garbage but if anyone know a way to test the signal of something with Arduino without a burnout would be cool. Cya xx

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