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  1. So much cringe here. Why would he go if he knew he couldn't do it live? Why in the world would they sit there after they realized he was a sham? And they invited him back??? They all deserve each other.

  2. Same reason he lied to begin with. Just a bad person.

  3. I've only had issues with gas, places that place a hold like for tipping. It'll decline because I usually keep less than $100 on there. I believe gas places a $100 hold until it clears.

  4. I’m happy but is anyone nervous about having USD on the platform after all these CEX bankruptcies? I spend what I transfer right away and keep no Crypto on Coinbase, selling my XLM cash back right away.

  5. I convert xlm to btc at $25, and then move the btc off at $100.

  6. I learned about this in a maxim magazine back in the day. Some guy trying to be romantic in front of a fire place. Went to town and had a misstroke. Said he heard a loud pop. Completely broke his dick. Months of recovery. I think about it every time she's on top but not for long.

  7. With me it was a KFC. Thought I fancied it. Got excited for it....crap greasy disappointed. Realised I could have made much better myself

  8. KFC is amazing when it's fresh cooked in fresh oil. I used to work there and experienced what the food was like fresh. It's night and day. Go when your local store changes oil and tell them you'll wait for fully fresh. It will take about 20 minutes but again, absolutely worth it.

  9. This has got everything a rap video needs. Except the good rap song.

  10. I want to feel bad for her but the voice sounds like she MAY have brought this on herself.

  11. Also can damage the guitar. always loosen your strings before cutting them (if you choose to do it that way), putting your Guitar in storage or even if you just dont plan to play for a while. Tight strings over time will damage the head and bridge which may reduce the quality of the instrument; Sound, performance, integrity, etc.

  12. So what happens when you play the guitar everyday and the strings are always tight?

  13. Just the obligatory ridiculous sideline catch the pats give up every superbowl. I thought it was over here.

  14. The government has done a horrible job on messaging with this virus. It's not an STD. It's similar to smallpox. It just so happens it spreads by skin contact, which happens a lot during sex.

  15. I want a country to fully ban legalized gun ownership. I mean, no guns period, for anyone, no exceptions. And see how good that actually does at stopping gun violence. And I'm not even being sarcastic. This is what everyone who hates guns pushes for. I sincerely want to see if it will work.

  16. I could talk about how I have, in the past sorted by top of all time in this sub and therefore recognized this post, but the fact is that it’s a fucking verbatim repost of one from five years ago.

  17. That chin rubbing is a nervous tick. This dude goes around harassing people but when he speaks you can just hear the lack of confidence in his voice.

  18. I thought he was making sure the stick-on stache was still there.

  19. i work with teenagers sometimes at my job and i'm around 29 years old. putting all the legality and general shittiness aside, i don't even know how dating someone that young would even work. there is so much of an age gap, that's like a gulf of life experience right there. no offense to teens out there but when you are nearing 30 you might as well be living in another universe.

  20. Doesn't matter when sex is all they care about. Got to maximize their "useful" age. Pretty sick.

  21. Most guys don't understand that for a lot of women, sex is a connection. It's got a lot of mental aspects that all come together to make the woman turned on. When they see a boob, instantly they get turned on and they just automatically think that's how women work. Which is why I think a lot of them think dick pics are what women want. They're incapable of realizing that to others it means a lot more to have that connection first, and sex puts it all together. Lazy tactics and just outright not giving a damn. Instead of seeing that they just assume the woman doesn't want it anymore. But really, they're just always disappointed and have no drive to get disappointed time after time. I don't blame them.

  22. 4 games for footballs, 6 games for being a sexual pig.

  23. Even knowing exactly what's going to happen, I always watch, because it makes me smile.

  24. It's like one of your kids and watching them earn their right of passage into the world.

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