1. Cute 😊 and a lovely view hope you have a good harvest

  2. Thank you for putting into words my exact thoughts.... and i agree it starts with endgame I bet making him fat (how does that even work)was a joke He can be depressed and coping with humour but why the other people are joking about him He is a god and that's what they do with the character i don't know man

  3. I will...also happy belated birthday

  4. Harvest time in my area too but not olives ☺️

  5. I just did a rewatch on daredevil with my cousin and we both agreed that foggy is awesome....

  6. Dude, you look like your body count is 300, and I'm not talking about Thermoplae

  7. Lf cooler for me since he is the best extreme unit by far...

  8. Is this is a cologne commercial?

  9. I'm from the future.... you still look amazing

  10. Iam!!! today is my mom's birthday!!!!hope you have a great day too!

  11. Happy belated birthday to your mom 🎂🎂 😄

  12. Ty very much and you have an amazing username. Ancient Greek

  13. hi sir, you look strong and cute! have a nice day ♥️

  14. Ty very much have a nice day as well!!!

  15. I get that a lot....but only on Reddit!!!hahah ty nonetheless!!

  16. Love the beard! And that blue sweater in the first pic suits you very well

  17. Pug is just ten steps ahead (if you know what i mean )

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