Did he just admit he’s considered a flight risk?

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  1. Country Doctor is good. They are not in Ballard

  2. Wait, did they paint a filing cabinet gold and bury Ivana in it?

  3. I'm surprised he hasn't opened up the requirements for teaching to Sunday school teachers as well.

  4. I have never seen anyone even propose a legitimate reason for Trump to have these documents. What did he intend to do with a list of US foreign sources of information?

  5. The real question is why Trump took the documents.

  6. It is a widely accepted and integrated part of society. Like sugar.

  7. Ok maybe I'm biased, but I seriously don't think those are the demands which hypothetically caused a raise in standard and consequently increased the number of "lonely men".

  8. Man, women are not trying to take advantage of you.

  9. That wasn't my point, but I'm glad to see what misunderstandings I can cause, since that definitely wasnt the message I was trying to bring forward. I don't disagree with you.

  10. My “Yep” was replying to someone else’s answer on the original post that you shared here. If context matters…..

  11. Did the camera man say "Frown" when he took picture!

  12. I think this was at Ivana's funeral

  13. Oh. That did not occur to me. Thank you. Makes my comment in poor tase. Sorry.

  14. The actual quote might say "knew of client.". That blamed Trump.

  15. When I was a child, we followed the rule, "Never name the calf "

  16. Maybe the Dems aren't doing anything bad, but look at the bad things I can imagine them doing

  17. But what if my belief is that I have an obligation to ensure that you don't do something.

  18. This will not convince them. They believe that they are better qualified, and that is why they get disproportionately hired and retained. They assume any minority hire is less qualified and only being hired because of their race.

  19. Did they find anything? I can’t find any articles detailing if anything want found. I would like security on believing he’s going down.

  20. The found boxes of extremely classified documents, at the highest levels of classification. But have not discussed what they related to.

  21. So, if I made it successfully through the 50s, I should make it through the 90s.

  22. The Republicans ignore underlying reality. Where an investigation of a political enemy is inappropriate depends on the actual facts of the case.

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