1. Maybe he drugged her and hid her. Not every car gets searched.

  2. She was probably cooperating at the beginning. This has telltale signs of grooming. He probably groomed her over months, promising her the world if she'd run away with him. She probably had no idea what he was really like until after they got across the border.

  3. Maybe. These groomers know what they’re doing. It’s definitely something to do with child trafficking. Edmonton is such a hot spot. Just breaks my heart. I can’t wait for the day children can be safe and the evil is gone from this world. What a beautiful world it will be.

  4. Ewaranon is not a truther. He’s a them and they’re cia or some crap like that. Which is a shame. I enjoyed his first videos but then he made one with a bunch of random butterflies put everywhere, I knew then he wasn’t real. And he names names… like wtf. Martin & Jon are real truthers. At least they got the balls to show their faces.

  5. Mannnnn maybe I’m smoking too much but I see a face in your tent… 🫣

  6. Yes! The sun and moon are also local bodies. They are the positive and negative points energies to our environment.

  7. Yup. These prideful satanic jerks are gonna be in for one hellva surprise. They’re going to see first hand why Satan is called the deceiver and destroyer.

  8. This is why Hitler used fluoride in the camps. Easier to control and kill brain dead people.

  9. They are two beings sharing one body. 2 beautiful souls.

  10. I don't know, I've been drinking for the past 12 years and besides a mid stomach bug that pops up for half a day in the winter I haven't been truly sick since 6th grade.

  11. Well maybe your so saturated with liquor nothing can live inside you. Bet you get lower back pain though.

  12. Maybe from sitting in a chair with no support for too long but that's about it. Never said I was binge drinking for all those years, but I also take devent care of my health and exercise.

  13. That’s cool. Drinking is still bad for you though. Especially now a days. There’s so much sugar, chemicals, and pesticides in alcohol now. Society would better off if alcohol was never introduced. It’s very destructive to the majority of the population.

  14. Maybe… these guys running the show are pretty dumb greasy bastards. Probably a good idea to get right with God just in case.

  15. How does Gates supply a global corporation with vegetables?

  16. He’s not the largest farm land owner in North America for nothing.

  17. He is not. Here's the latest top 100, it starts at page 110.

  18. Gates is considered the largest private owner of farmland in the country.

  19. They know which batch had the most impact. They’re not wasting time.

  20. See how they get us to destroy ourselves. Employers that forced that jab will face lawsuits that will bankrupt their companies. Ensuring an economic collapse. The NWO wins again.

  21. He wasn’t that old. 49. He was recovering so well. It was sudden I’d say.

  22. I know. It looks like he had a hard life. He was a good man.

  23. Yeah, we're seeing them at 68 miles with our naked eyes. I do wonder about that. I'm checking out building a telescope to try to actually get a look at one. I'll be really disappointed if it is just a satellite lol

  24. Get a Nikon and a good tripod. Better then a telescope. If you do capture one post it. Every one that’ve I’ve snapped appears to be a silver shining round object.

  25. I've been amateur tracking these satellites since I was a kid. Long before drones were around. Nobody is flying a drone over at the same trajectory, same speed every night. Plus, drones just can't stay airborne long enough to fly across the entire globe, or fly anywhere close to that fast.

  26. That’s cool you get what I mean and your history. I know what you’re referring to. I’ve seen them too. I don’t know what they are but I know they’re out the satellites the government says they are. They’re most likely a surveillance system that belongs to the higher ups. I say they’re not satellites because we can see it with our own eyes. Satellites are smaller then a school bus. We can barely see a commercial jet fly at a much lower altitude and they’re 17 times bigger then a school bus.

  27. yes it has 100%. Curing diseases and saving millions of lives sense the 70s

  28. It’s hilarious you come on the conspiracy channel and try and tell me vaccines save lives. Just fuck off. Vaccines are one of the evilest campaigns the elites have unleashed on us.

  29. You’d better learn what prions disease is. You can’t inject another’s dna into your blood and not have problems. If you think vaccines are here for your health and safety you are a fool. It’s biological warfare and you drank the kool aid.

  30. The satanic god the elites worship is a baphomet. A beast that’s half female half man part goat, part angel, part human.

  31. Man that’s trippy. My dad said he was an Antichrist.

  32. It’s the same propaganda over and over again, check out this picture of these doctors and nurses all suited up while their big wig bosses stand in the background maskless because they know it’s fake.

  33. FB is doing a massive ban as well. Myself and five other friends just recently banned. I just got 30 days for a post I made two years ago. They really dug through my history and it’s legit info. VEARS Red box summary goes against FB I guess.

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