Turning gravity off

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  1. obviously nobody is listening to the shaman except for his flute but taping your mouth shut when you sleep can cause a heart attack.

  2. What kinda weird pussy, that Luis hasn’t fucked, is sneaking pics of his dab rig?

  3. Yeah wow no wonder people fucking die doing his dabs, dude clearly wastes it.

  4. Get it red hot where u want it to break and then hit that spot with cold water. Could work. Could explode.

  5. Some people try to ride barrels over Niagara falls. You could give that a shot.

  6. Why the fuck is this obscure? Can we have better guidelines for these people to reaseme

  7. Stoned, right, good, gone, gonzo. Jesus fuckin christ I'm high "did I just say that out loud" (everyone laughs)

  8. I love mone but just realized it's a little different. Mine had a different diffuser and an incycler. Littler nicer but dame shape and brand. Very well made. It's my main rug.

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