1. Didn’t I see a thread in the three lions sub a few days ago saying Mason was hurt and would be out until after the international break? They were discussing who would get called up instead. I don’t remember Potter talking about Mason’s fitness in the press conference though.

  2. TBF, I don’t think it’s Potter’s preferred formation and he would rather have the width come from natural wingers, but we just aren’t there yet. We play better (because we have been longer drilled) in a 3 CB system right now. Mudryk will get his chances this season and my guess is he will really get his chance to shine next season.

  3. The entire back 3 is a new signing this season so it’s not like they’re well drilled.

  4. The back three that played this weekend, sure. But I didn't mean that the back three, specifically, are well drilled. The team as a whole has a lot more time and experience playing with 3 CBs. The shape effects every player on the pitch and how they attack certain spaces.

  5. My wife is a turkey sandwich fiend so we specifically asked our OB about it. He was not worried about it at all. He said if we wanted to be extra safe to "just buy the meat from the deli counter and after 3 or 4 days, let your husband eat it."

  6. No one will have to recertify any earlier than 6 months after the pause ends. So if you have recert date before then it will push out a year.

  7. That is great info and would give me the exact info I needed if I wasn't dumb. I have no idea where to see my recertification date. I will keep clicking around the MOHELA and Student Aid websites! Thanks!

  8. When that rolls around I'll only have about 15 months left. Considering my income went up drastically a few months before the pause, this whole pause has been unbelievably good for me.

  9. I haven't actually seen him play any games, but from this video it looks like he has also had to play some minutes on the left? Can he play both sides well?

  10. Not only in the delivery room, my wife and I didn’t have anyone visit the hospital at all. I was a little surprised when she told me she didn’t want anyone there, but after spending those days in the hospital it makes complete sense. Child birth is amazing, but also traumatic. In those first days of recovery we focused on bonding with baby and getting mom through a wild experience! We didn’t have to worry about anyone else and that really worked well for us.

  11. This is a watch that I’ve always assumed was fake. My parents brought it home in the 2000-2005 range from a trip to NYC. My dad always said he got a deal on it. I was young, so I didn’t think about it much but just assumed that meant he bought a cheap fake and knew it. I’ve gotten into watches recently and remembered it. I went through my dad’s old stuff (he passed away several years back) and found it still there. The bracelet is completely massacred, though. My assumption is still that it’s fake - but I have no idea how to tell. Can someone point out the issues?

  12. You, my friend, have a unicorn newborn. Ours did this until 3 months and then all hell broke loose

  13. She doesn't always feel like a unicorn baby! But her sleep habits have been much better than I expected. She, for whatever reason, loves her bedtime routine. She does like to get fussy and scream for 30-45 minutes leading up to it though.

  14. I totally remember this! We would keep ours awake too long and the trying to get bedtime going was a pain. He was ready by 6 or 7 but we pushed for 9 😅

  15. We start our routine at 7 and she's asleep by 8. If we can get her to nap around 5:30 for just half an hour, she is perfect. But she doesn't always cooperate with that nap! With no nap, 6:30 rolls around and she's ready to be asleep. And she lets us know!

  16. I’m curious to know what the counter argument is to the malpractice insurance proposal.

  17. I know you have gotten a lot of comments that boil down to "it makes too much sense, so they will never do it." But if you're actually curious, insurance for government agencies is a weirdly complicated topic. How complicated and what rules apply will vary by state and would be way too much of a conversation for this forum, but I have doubts that any state would allow a PD to just go out and purchase a malpractice policy on a Thursday afternoon and many will outright prohibit them from buying it at all.

  18. Is that aventurine watch still for sale somewhere? I don’t see it on their website.

  19. I am genuinely interested to see if we get consistency from the German Bayern contingency or if we see some mental gymnastics that makes this OK for them but bad for others.

  20. Dungeon Crawler Carl. And the Audiobooks make a good time great.

  21. Omg the preorder dates are going that far out now?! I was annoyed when they were a year out. That their waitlist is 4yrs now is really disheartening.

  22. Oh yea - and I was on the list before their order policy change. I had only been on it like a month, but I was still on it. Their demand has gotten pretty insane.

  23. I was on the wait-list for 2 years before I got the email to book a build slot and did so immediately. I should get mine at the end of this summer so that's about 3 years in total.

  24. Checked just because of your comment, and holy shit. I had no idea they were being listed for more than 2x retail.

  25. I think these are really fun watches. Do you live in the US? If so, what kind of import fees and red tape did you have to go through?

  26. I know this wasn't the reason for your initial post, but I just had a small panic attack so I figured I would ask the question: does 2 cm dilated mean you are days away from labor? I ask because my wife is 37 weeks and at our appointment yesterday was "2, almost 3 cm" dilated and 70% effaced. The Dr didn't seem to be concerned that the baby was coming anytime soon and said we were on track, so I just assumed we had another couple weeks. Is...that not the case? Do I need to be closing work files today???

  27. So I was 3cm 80% for a couple weeks with some contractions. I ended up having to be induced because I was contracting heavily but not progressing. So it can mean anything, every person is different! (On a side note being 2-3 cm is great in case you get induced or want to be induced).

  28. Thanks! I was beginning to panic. Even though we have everything ready at home and our bags are packed, the thought gave me a shock to my system. My wife is already tired of being pregnant and we are on the books for an induction in a couple weeks if she isn't here by then.

  29. We got a wrap to begin with, very “earth mother”, but neither of us could work out how to wear it, so donated it to charity.

  30. We have watched a YouTube video on how to get it on properly and I gave up around halfway through! I also just watched how to put on the BB and it looks straight forward!

  31. We had a wrap that I hated but it worked. We picked up a baby bjorn second hand that I loved. I'm 6'2 300 and had plenty of extra strap. That thing was a god send for me

  32. Thanks! Baby Bjorn ordered and on the way. Google said the waist strap on that is 62 inches (although that was not official from the BB people, just some blogger). And while I'm big, I'm not that big!

  33. Just wanted to chime in and say this is something I've worried about as well. But most of my close friends already have kids, and they have been able to keep up their end of the friendship. So I keep telling myself if they can do it, so can I. It will just take active effort.

  34. My wife also tested positive while pregnant (a little further along, I think around 16 weeks). We were so nervous, because all you can remember are the horror stories from early COVID days when we were still trying to figure everything out.

  35. Like the other guy, I'm a former chef (changed careers ten years ago). One thing that will make your life easier is the container you use to store things. For a long time now,

  36. Thanks! I bought several large boxes of both pint and quart deli containers during the beginnings of Covid when people were freaking out over groceries and have been addicted to the convenience of them since then. So I’m actually set up for this already!

  37. For my response, keep in mind I’m a chef and opted to go the route of making things for my wife when she gave birth to ours (only have one). I’m not knocking buying premade stuff at all, that just wasn’t my mindset going into this.

  38. Thanks! While I'm not a chef, I'm an avid home cook. I almost never buy pre-made things (although my wife doesn't actually mind those things, its what she grew up on and is not much of a cook herself). I'm the kind of person that likes to break out the complicated Kenji Lopez-Alt methods to squeak out those small percentage improvements. But i know I won't being doing that at the very beginning.

  39. You make foams with an iSi nitro whipper, and airs with the

  40. This is helpful. I actually have an aquarium pump at home from making vinegars, so that's easy enough. And Soy Lecithen is readily available. Do you happen to know the ratio needed to make it work? The article you linked just says "add a foaming agent" and it feels like there has to be a correct ratio!

  41. 41 states are now part of the UBE (Uniform Bar Exam). You still apply in a specific state, but if you take it in one of those 41 states, your UBE score can be used for admission into another UBE jurisdiction if the score passes that jurisdiction’s requirement. Not nearly as difficult as it used to be when most states were doing their own thing.

  42. Isn't the UBE only the multiple choice portion of the exam? Each state still has a state specific portion if I am not mistaken.

  43. I have several. Most don’t deal with haute cuisine, but rather your run of the mill everyday food items. A few:

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