1. If there’s any positive from this game it’s that our players hate arsenal as much as we do

  2. first line up I’ve seen in a long time that’s made me quietly confident. COYS

  3. Harvey about to play like he did against marine

  4. The series does a few long cuts in timeline at different points and I speculate it’s written as such to emulate the truly chaotic nature of how British politics actually works.

  5. son slip at the end there really summed it all up

  6. Every time I see Judas’s name my blood boils

  7. We’ve been so lucky to have such an amazing goal keeper and Captain for as long as we have. Still at the top of his game.

  8. It is. My friend works for Warner and has played it for me. Third song in after “Eyelar” I believe

  9. This ref is so ready to give daddy Dier a card

  10. Apparently, they give you $300 if you get bumped. It’s this crazy loophole in the system that the wrong guy discovered.

  11. You “couldn’t care less”. Saying you “could care less” implies there’s more room for you to care less about it.

  12. Peacock commentator keeps calling Romero “Romeu”… not a fan

  13. Genuinely genius marketing from Specsavers to sponsor the ref shirts

  14. Oh man, I’m not that far in DS9 yet I guess :(

  15. Man, I'm sorry. I will put a disclaimer in OP.

  16. Not to worry! I enjoyed the video far more than I was upset by the 20 y/o spoiler!

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