1. How exactly are you trying to "copy and paste tabs into another spreadsheet"? Typically, you right click the tab in one sheet, and use the "copy to" option.

  2. Copy to existing file and I go through the files but it’s showing it’s empty

  3. becker absolutly sucked for BEC. i failed the crap out of the exam and got a 77 somehow. retake it if you need but know we had the exact same SE scores.

  4. I got a 77. Ferhat said test was largely experimental. So stupid.

  5. Thats dope man congrats! Yeah bro i just felt so defeated walking out because i felt so prepared. Im hoping the same happens to me. Just some of the cost and IT questions were so out of left field. I barely got any coso or erm which was frustrating

  6. Thank you. I’m with you man. I don’t even feel good about the 77 bc I feel I wasted so much time and know I failed the shit out of the raw exam. Why can’t the AICPA just shoot straight? this stuff is hard enough. It feels like they spit in our faces when they roll out an exam I might as well not have studied for to begin with. Good luck on your results!

  7. That’s a very tough ask to pass FAR, REG, AUD by 6/30. However, it is for when you sit for the exam

  8. I worked at B4 audit for 18 months. Passing the CPA soon. Will I have issues getting signed off? Do I have the hours? I thought HR signed off

  9. Your supervisor/CPA. They can sign before you pass your exams but they also have to write a statement regarding their experience if in TX

  10. I just took REG and absolutely do not feel good about it. No point in waiting for 3/17 release so I will be reviewing backwards, which is my weak area, corp/partnership basis/distributions.

  11. My NTS expires on 4/10. Should I just show up and give it a shot?

  12. Took today. Mine was horrible. All IT that Becker didn’t even scrape.

  13. Won’t be possible if in California. Those fuckers take a month to approve

  14. I studied for about 15-20 hours a week for six weeks. I think 3 might be a little though as it would require two modules a day while reviewing during the same time. If you can consistently knock out a module in 2 hours may be doable. There are some gnarly modules though in BEC with time consuming calculation questions (using a Becker at least)

  15. I don’t think I’m going to do modules. I like starting on final review and then going to modules that I won’t be able to pick up via Multiple choice.


  17. what is an advisory score? my score has not been released yet

  18. tremendous disadvantage in CA. i despise them. takes away from retake ability for both retention reasons and for test expiration. fuck them

  19. i don't think its easier but i do think that sims only make up 35% instead of 50% and that is the difference

  20. ME TOO. I cannot get through the first unit. I am terrible at memorizing vocab words so i’m in hell 🥳 I’m thinking of making quizlet flash cards and going over them a million times.

  21. i would really appreciate you sharing that quizlet deck with me. im in the same boat as you. i thought BEC would be easy and i am blown away by how shitty it is

  22. The good news is that in 90% of the jurisdictions, your 18 month clock starts over 1/1/24

  23. So If my 18 months were to expire in 2/24, my window is reopened? (CA)

  24. I took it today as well.I felt like my mcq and sims were written in Chinese.Not even 10% close to backer.Last time i took audit i was pretty familiar with the content and got a 66.But this time i have no idea what i did.Im praying for Allah’s (God) miracle.

  25. Same. Got a 74 last window and my retake last week felt like they administered the wrong exam. My sims were so absurd.

  26. Literally my exact experience. What the fuck were the sims

  27. I think the only reason people say it’s easy is because it has the least amount of info. I tested yesterday and I still found it a little difficult. I second guessed myself on things I thought I knew which maybe I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been. IT, variances, COSO, ERM, econ, and capital structure are good to know. I was nervous for the WC and they weren’t awful, I was able to bullshit (and hope the one gets thrown out bc it made no sense from the stuff in Becker). I’m not sure if the actual exam was easier than Becker, but that could because Becker gives you the answers so I know how I did… now I’m just waiting until February lol. Some questions were simple but I kept second guessing 🤦🏼‍♀️ good luck to you!!!

  28. Yesterday I took and the SIMS were bullshit and not covered in Becker. Today’s sims apparently were simple. It is luck of the draw. The sims are much harder than Becker either way

  29. Complete luck of the draw on SIMS. You must have gotten a shitty draw today. I had the same experience.

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