To push a guy into a lady

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. Because I work 12 hour shifts and sometimes don’t have the time or energy to reply.

  2. More importantly please wash it occasionally

  3. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Scrubs, it’s do not mess with the janitor…

  4. “CLAAAAAAAAARKSOOOOOOON!! Where have you put my tyres, you pillock!?”

  5. It’s like if Turk and JD came from an alternate reality where they hate each other’s guts.

  6. The moment you learn you're not the main character, but just a generic npc.

  7. “Can’t you see he’s the man. Let me hear you applaud. He is more than a man, he’s a shiny golden god.”

  8. I’d like the ability to watch and save a replay of my OSQ drives.

  9. “If once is an accident and t ice is a coincidence, what is 300?”

  10. “Sir, you’ve been in a major traffic accident. But don’t worry! We’re gonna get you safely to the hosp……oh, shit…”

  11. Dude, I was the same way in Odyssey with the awesome freaking lightning storms.

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