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Elon Musk orders software programmers to Twitter HQ within 3 hours

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Card Against Humanity pissing off pro-lifers. Pretty amusing.

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  1. Well I'm from India, learned this language and know what hindu nationalism is and how it's affecting my culture, so no, I'm not projecting, I'm doing a facepalm.

  2. Ahhh, I see. My apologies - I was mostly responding to the last sentence of your original comment.

  3. Yep, the facepalm is a needless triggering on AC's part, it's so common with these people, for them everyone is out to get them, everyone is destroying the culture but it's them who are doing more damage to it. I mean, everyone can have their opinion, disagreements don't have to be uncouth. All I expect is a little civility that's all, but things have changed here, a lot of hostility.

  4. I am unable to understand how these kids have access to guns? I mean, when parents know there are so many incidents every year, then why is a woke nation like America not taking any action?

  5. What's with this gun obsession? Omg.

  6. Remember when this wasn’t the anti-Elon Musk sub?

  7. Remember when there weren’t desperate Muskrat fanboys making false and illogical statements everywhere in the hopes that he’d either fk him or give them a buck for their service?

  8. “Zealously” is …. quite a reach. I get what you’re trying to say, but let’s not be liberal in interpreting, especially, such a tragic part of history in order to make a point. :/

  9. So if I know someone who is in their 90's and fought in WWII against the nazi's and considers themselves a Republican. I have to think they are themselves a Nazi because by your definition there cant be good people in the Republican party and they are all evil terrible people. I am so glad that I entertained your argument. Because I can now say that your argument is just plain stupid and idiotic. Toodles !!

  10. I literally said the team with Nazis and fascists. The only person who said Republican was you, so good going. Also, I’d LOVE to know who this someone is so I can dissect their apparent cognitive dissonance. Just bc you were against fascism once doesn’t mean you own the tag for life.

  11. I thought you said bye ?!?!?

  12. Naw. He was the only Epstein pal that didn’t happen to fk kids, of course

  13. There’s a good chance he’s suffering from an undiagnosed brain tumor. We should have empathy.

  14. He has a bipolar diagnosis. He’s also an incredibly privileged adult man who has access to all levels of medical care. His BP is NOT an excuse.

  15. I'd say it still is. BP is incredibly hard to treat because it persuades you that everything is OK during manic phases.

  16. I didn’t say it was easy to treat. I have BP, and it runs in my family.

  17. So if violent threats were made under the previous ceo which he is Indian so would that be Indian Twitter?

  18. You seem to have a comprehension problem, so I’m going to leave you alone.

  19. None of this is surprising though. Unless you live under a rock. All the elites, regardless of exact party affiliation, have major sway due to the money they wield.

  20. I’m only referring to MT’s thread right now and how it’s merely another iteration of the rich and powerful having major influence.

  21. Keep that woke soyboy bean water out of my bean water.

  22. Honestly, this (blocking Alex Jones on Twitter) is the best thing Elon Musk has ever done -- and for the right reason. Respect.

  23. He is virtual-signaling, plain and simple. He knows the headlines will turn onto his personal sob story.

  24. I guess that is the bottom for Elon. I'm glad to know there even is one.

  25. I very much doubt muskrat sympathize with anyone. If Alex Jones hadn’t been convicted so publicly, Musk would have reinstated him. Instead, there was a chance for Musk to paint himself as a hero/martyr/saint, and he took it, just as he normally does. He knows all the headlines are talking about it right now.

  26. He doesn’t. All you have to do is look into his history of running businesses to see that this is just another iteration of a very long-standing pattern.

  27. It’s a Republican group trying to “illustrate” affirmative action (but purposely removes all the context for which AA exists).

  28. There were a slew of Republican student groups who “tried it” at unis in the early 2000s. They all got fried.

  29. Liberals are so mad that they are paying $8 to troll musk. They could have just moved to another social media. I guess Musk hurt their egos.

  30. So a man with a disorder that hinders is ability To be socially aware is getting bodied on a social network platform? Colour me surprised

  31. Oh? What disorder is it that makes one a colossal asshole over and over again?

  32. D2R0 says:

    This guy is a fucking tool. I still want more context, what started this( whatever did doesn't change that this guy's a macho baby)

  33. Conveniently edited to only show the guy “harassing” the young “lady.” SMH…

  34. There’s an article with a longer video. She had apparently flipped him off bc his truck had a Trump flag on it. I have no sympathy for him lol

  35. Naw there was one next to the base. There are some for sure special forces badasses eating lunch there every day. Push us sometimes. Lol

  36. It's me who makes the characters Kipo. Unfortunately, the store on Etsy is not working now, but you can find my work on the Inspire Uplift marketplace. Kipo, Scarlemagne, Dave, Jamack and others are there. Welcome! Even if you don't need it anymore, you can look at photos there and find your favourite character. I'm a fan of Kipo too and I am happy to share my creativity.

  37. Awesome!!! When I can spare the money, I’ll definitely come looking. Your stuff is amazing!

  38. Typical big corporations forcing tricking ppl into giving more money! We need to stop obessing over freedoms and get more consumer protection legislation. Hopefully Trump wld do tht if he is in office! Hopefully he won't let such corporations get away with it like Pete buttigieg and the airlines!

  39. I never said that. I said biologically that that picture made sense. I myself cannot have children, will never know the ups and downs of being a proper mother and to an extent, a wife. My inability to have children goes far beyond society.

  40. Family is in not defined by biological origin. It’s by relationships. So you insisting on putting this very particular lens on it is at best strange.

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