1. You're such an asshole. You attack your wife everytime your feelings are hurt about her sexuality (which is something she can't help) go find some actual marriage counseling that isn't church based so that you don't get biased advice.

  2. you think insulting someone for having these thoughts is going to make them feel better? Point it out and that's it. Don't call someone something that you know is going to make them feel even worse. Especially when they have BPD. I go crazy with these thoughts of paranoid intentions with my friends. Having thoughts like these would make me feel like crap and if i having someone insulting for them it certainly make me feel worse.

  3. I so know that feeling. Anytime i spot or feel that someone is staring first thing i do is check my reflection in any surface to see what a fugly piece of shit they just saw

  4. YESS EXACLTY! Honestly it also depends on my mood. If I get that God complex sometimes my thinking thinks they like me and I question why would they like me? If not then I always find something to criticize. Not healthy and I need to work on that.

  5. I wish i ever had the god complex even for a minute. But people do say I’m funny so i guess i have that going for me lol

  6. The God complex is the only time I get to love myself honestly. I have people tell me I'm an attractive guy but I never believe them unless I have the God complex. Only bad thing about it is the impulsiveness I get to do sexual things and in the long run it hurts me more. But slowly I'm starting to see myself as my friends see me. Still struggling though :/

  7. I'm very much afraid of Motrocylce sounds. It's extremely loud and every time they pass me by I get this thought it's going to be a drive by shooting...either that or I completely lose my sense of surroundings and I have to stop and wait for the motorcycle to pass by so I can continue walking

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