I've noticed a surprising lack of calvinball strips lately so here's one of my all time favorite arcs. Rosalyn playing Calvinball!

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  1. It's the way the promotion structure is at Google. Launch a product, get promoted. That product goes to die, and someone else launches a product to replace that product and then they get a promotion.

  2. Don't get rid of single family zoning, that's short sighted. But get rid of the heavy restrictions on multifamily zoning.

  3. A lot of the debate around these topics seems to involve an implicit "everything that is not forbidden is mandatory" kind of flavor. They should make it legal to build multifamily buildings, including tall ones, and continue to keep it legal to build single family detached, too.

  4. There’s rennet in parm, strictly speaking it’s not even vegetarian. Most people aren’t that strict with it tho

  5. There's are some newer producers who produce kosher Parmigiano Reggiano that pass both kosher certification and the Parmigiano Reggiano DOP. They use vegetarian rennet, and their cheese is vegetarian, too.

  6. Unless it ivolves shooting down missles, if it has Patriot in the name I assume its bullshit until proven otherwise.

  7. Patriot on Amazon might be one of the most underrated TV shows of the last 10 years.

  8. It's a comedy, but kinda hides that fact for the first 20 minutes or so. Then things get absurd in a way that is both depressing and hilarious.

  9. It's a lot easier to announce you hate something that everyone likes, than it is to insist that you love something that everyone hates.

  10. Yeah, if the botanical definition of fruit is what you're after, then the following are fruits: tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplants, peppers, and avocados.

  11. WMATA underestimates my willingness to die of derailment over waiting 20 minutes for a 6 car train.

  12. Willing to be on the train that derails, sure. But are you willing to be on the train behind the train that details?

  13. Answer: Yesterday Elon started tweeting that he was going to start getting smeared by liberals now that he's publicly supporting the GOP. Today it came out that earlier that day, before he started talking about the smear campaign, he had gotten contacted about an article where it was revealed he paid a stewardess on his plane 250k as hush money after exposing himself to her 6 years ago.

  14. I mean, are you really a Republican if you haven't sexually assaulted someone?

  15. I don't think there is a big consensus on using a hyphen, because some people go about concatenating the two characters (Jiyoung), using PascalCase (JiYoung), using a space (Ji Young) or in this case, a hyphen (Ji-Young).

  16. I believe you intended to use the hyphenated form, "represent-Asian."

  17. Burn After Reading is one of my favorite movies, and even though it does involve the CIA and the Secret Service, it doesn't really.

  18. They left on really really bad terms. REALLY bad. Short version; The actor was a Scientologist, the church got mad, they wanted chief to get things changed, and well….he got eaten.

  19. You're talking about Isaac Hayes, the voice of Chef? Or Peter Serafinowicz, the voice of Darth Chef (and the commentator in the Cock Magic episode), who this thread is about?

  20. After watching the Wolf of Wall Street I decided to find some penny stocks to invest in and over the last 3 weeks I turned a $10 investment into a $14.54 portflio

  21. You watched a movie about a guy who got rich on penny stock scams, and then decided to follow in the footsteps of...the victims?

  22. This isn't true at all. The show made that joke because it was relevant. I remember when the episode aired, and everyone completely got the reference.

  23. He also got himself addicted to benzos and went to Russia for some ridiculously dangerous way to get off benzos where they put your in a coma until the withdrawals go away.

  24. I have 3 enameled cast iron vessels: a Le Creuset, a Lodge, and a no-name that my wife bought from Costco before we started dating. I probably use each about once a week, all work just fine. I'm at 15 years on the Lodge, and I'd probably replace it with another Lodge.

  25. I'm assuming this is for a roll? I haven't heard this week's pod yet. Did he say what for?

  26. So if I understand the recent news correctly, this was from a train operator whose certification is actually current.

  27. This was that “last one.” This series is from September of ‘95, C&H wrapped up at the end of that year.

  28. Yeah, as I remember Watterson had already announced his retirement, and was on a bit of a farewell tour with some of that material.

  29. Fun fact, originally it wasn't super size, it was dinosize and was a promotion at McDonald's for the 1st Jurassic park Movie. Source, was a high school McDonald's employee at the time. It was hugely popular so it was rebranded without the Jurassic Park reference. Then fries and drink sizes all. Jumped up a size to where they are today.

  30. I'm remember when McDonald's phased out Super Size, Wendy's got rid of Biggie Size around the same time. Now I'm wondering if Wendy's just renamed the sizes and kept the old Biggie Size as Large.

  31. Reminds me of the meme that the diminutive form "Dorito" implies that there is a larger form, the Doro.

  32. I’ll push back a bit on this - who pays the property taxes on a rental property? Technically the landlord gets the deduction, and pays it out of their bank account right?

  33. I completely agree it’s more complicated than that, I work in tax myself and stuff is always nuanced and messy. I was simply addressing the notion that it doesn’t affect poorer folks as much, but they’re extremely sensitive to the rent hikes that these property taxes cause.

  34. Realistically though, how many insignificant companies would they mention? This is basically a measure of how much a company is mentioned in the zeitgeist, enough and they make an episode about you, or at least crack some joke about you. I'd imagine this is similar to the investor that bought stocks in companies his teenage daughter knew

  35. Well a company can become retroactively insignificant, years later, at which point the company's link in the Wikipedia page can disappear. So if you're combing through the Wikipedia article in 2022 rather than when the episode aired, then it's a retroactive relevance filter.

  36. Right, but how many companies has South Park mentioned that no longer have relevancy, to the point that they're removed?

  37. Wouldn't be able to answer that without comparing the Wikipedia edits with South Park episodes. OP's data set could probably save a lot of work in reviewing, and we'd probably be able to crowdsource that task.

  38. Yup. Mine requires a valuable personal property rider for photography equipment worth over $100 (and other stuff like jewelry, fine art, musical instruments). The insurance cost scales with the total value of the items registered with them.

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