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  1. The pro-choice argument is that pregnant people have bodily autonomy til an arbitrary point in fetal development; then rights stop applying Because Fetus.

  2. What alternate universe do you live in? Trump never pays whole bills muchless "tips everyone large sums of money." Talk to the people he stiffs, not the rampant liar.

  3. Pro life is really just anti-abortion. it’s dishonest to argue otherwise since it’s widely known that that’s the main context it’s used in. Just like pro choice is really just pro-abortion. Being anti-abortion and pro-death penalty are not conflicting views.

  4. Any other widely held by perfect strangers stances you'd like to redefine for the world so you don't have to face your innate bigotries and hypocrisies?

  5. Eh, sucks when the guy she trapped as a teenager grows up and realizes he's married a selfish narcissist. :D Making sure he cheated and she found about about the cheating is about the only way to get a person like that to NOT fight the divorce and cause MORE problems!!!!

  6. I wonder if there's a microphone big enough to make you scream "I'M A SEXIST ASSWAFFLE!" louder than this pile of bullshit projection did.

  7. Don't assume your theology applies to non-consenting perfect strangers, please. Its disrespectful to us.

  8. Ooh, now do a "not all muslims" example about the tiny minority of extremists that exist for that religion too.

  9. You're actively making the decision to take the focus off the people being harmed because someone is hurting your feelings by calling someone you disagree with Christians.

  10. As a chef…a minor in a kitchen is a liability. Especially with no experience. Or food safety knowledge. ESH. Seems you have some bitterness to the half sibling. End of the day, she is family.

  11. I find this actually quite sad. She has your blood 🩸 but I feel you don’t even see her as your sister. She is young and dreaming big. I don’t see the harm in supporting her to dream big and help her get to her dreams. I feel she just wants to be included. Sad

  12. You realize that not everyone fetishizes random chance making you related to someone, yes?

  13. The bank my store uses is forever out of change and lately its gotten to the point where we run out of coins by noon. So all our registers have signs on them that very clearly say "Card or exact change only!"

  14. I’ve had 5 kids. Never bought an oz of formula and all of my kids are healthy. I don’t know how we did it!

  15. Oh I know! Is the answer "Being a condescending jerk that ignores any failures they don't want to admit to and not understanding that they are not the whole world"?

  16. Breastfeeding is ideal, I guess they want women to only do that

  17. A long list of situations wherein breastfeeding is not "ideal":

  18. So because you didn't do your research we're all stupid? Fuck right off with that projection!

  19. OP doesn't have any children. Why are you asking them about providing childcare?

  20. You are for liking My Chemical Romance and your mom is for Ed Sherman. But you the most for getting POwd about something for your brother.

  21. The alternative to all that is homelessness, so yes, too bad if mom can’t masturbate.

  22. You house them then, instead of deciding that nobody gets safety, privacy and health.

  23. Stupid post. Stop trying to drum up hatred between Americans.

  24. I don't need to do that. The Right's incessant dehumanizing me and voting against my basic human rights proves that they're addicted to hating other Americans.

  25. Because price gouging is what you get when supply is low. My guess is republicans have something to say about the supply, rather than vote yes on policy focusing on the symptom rather than the cause. Remember that when you vote in November.

  26. Why didn't they do anything about it when Trump was president then?

  27. So, is no chain merging/combo bonus bubble a new beta feature?

  28. There's a post that says its been fixed but mine isn't back yet so maybe its a testing thing? Or there's a new update I haven't done yet.

  29. There IS dead land behind the level 3 Chariot so save enough harvesters to merge that one!

  30. I have a genuine question, what's the point of coming to random places to just insert yourself like that, waste your time caring about someone's "well-being" when it was never even asked for?

  31. They get to feel superior in their own tiny minds because they "got one over on us."

  32. Shouldn’t these people be raising their kids instead of harassing us?

  33. Forget the gun, the gun is an inanimate object. The guy who decided that he was going to take what he wanted regardless of laws, decency and their lives is the problem.

  34. Go hold up a store with a fork and get back to me. When you can threaten lives with literally anything we'll "forget the gun, its an inanimate object."

  35. This meme is so bad, the Church put the basis for the scientific revolution with the two books theory

  36. I don't know, I am no church apologist, but I do not like this sort of atheistic shit posting. The "Church," whatever that is, has done some good in the world. Arguably, lots a of bad, but it's this kind of knee jerk reactionary crap against christians that gives atheists a bad name.

  37. No, the bible gives atheists a bad name. It bends over backwards to dehumanize us and Christians eat it up while getting pissed off that we ever dare mention it.

  38. I've been a fan of Critical Role for years, and I'm just now learning that some people considered the argument over the bowl to be a big deal. I haven't found it hard at all to stay away from the toxic elements of the fanbase. Just stay away from the Twitch chat and Twitter and you'll be fine.

  39. Which of those words, Dear Sir, represents the quality of compulsively finding strangers on the Internet with which to argue?

  40. TIL evangelical Christians, regardless of age, are boomers. They do the same thing.

  41. Well yes but you're not supposed to point that out. The only acceptable response to Evangelicals doing anything is to dramatically cry about how they "aren't Christians" and insult anyone that insists otherwise.

  42. Hate to play Devil’s Advocate, but I have to. I was in a coma in 2016 for 22 days, in the hospital over a month (type 1 diabetes and got double pneumonia). Had to learn to walk again. Really, I was a completely different person when I came out. It wrecked my body & I lost 80 lbs in that month. Went from a DD to a B. I felt like I looked like a child & it really impacted me a lot. About 8 months after I got out of the hospital I started on Prozac. The Prozac messed with my sex drive & I wasn’t confident in myself. I encouraged my SO to engage with someone sexually bc I felt bad about myself & I knew he had to be feeling unsatisfied.

  43. So? I don't care if someone is personally anti abortion. What I care about are politicians passing laws to dictate what women should do with their bodies. I'm not going to stop supporting a brand just because the owner is prolife. We all cant think the same. And it's personal choice if you don't want to support someone who thinks differently from you, but let's not all get on the hate train. Don't boo. Vote!

  44. This says they banned abortion after 15 weeks? In the U.K., you normally can’t terminate after 16 weeks as thats 4 months. This is normal? It’s not anti abortion. At 4 months it’s not just a “clump of cells” it is an actual baby that’s why you can check the gender at this point and that’s why it’s normally banned at this amount of weeks. It’s not anti abortion, you can still get an abortion. You have to say that you can’t abort at some point during a pregnancy otherwise it would be lawful to abort at 8 months.

  45. If you're the type of person who would abandon two grieving CHILDREN who just lost both their parents then your family is also better without you. There's several angles here and all decisions are hard.

  46. So she chose to damage a child to stay with her dog. Nice person

  47. Oh shove off. We all know that if this woman had left immediately you'd be screaming at her for "not trying" and "not loving her husband enough to support him."

  48. This man is a Dominionist. Someone who believes Christianity ought to be the basis and inspiration for US law and culture.

  49. I disagree, and here's why: IMO, this further dehumanizes women, in that it separates their experience from the larger human condition. I do not have to experience pregnancy to understand the moral and ethical issues that surround it.

  50. Wait wait wait, are you actually trying to say that "People who can't get pregnant should not talk about pregnant peoples' autonomy" is sexist against AFAB people?

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