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I pretended to have an abortion

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  1. An entire political platform that exists to spite the majority while driving us back to a medieval level of subsistence and subservience to God is pretty goshdarn annoying

  2. Not sane one person cares for or wants to hear the opinions of foreigners in us elections

  3. Yeah let's ignore the countries actually taking care.of their population, fuck those guys

  4. Bro you're confused. The places I'm talking about don't recieve or need our money. Take a look around, this place is falling the fuck apart, and none of our politicians have our best interest at heart. America lost its way and is living in a dead paradigm.

  5. I just finished watching HBO’s Westworld, kind of trippy seeing a large segment of US choosing to live in an alternate reality where facts don’t matter and traitorous insurrectionists should be worshiped.

  6. Ass at the game with 3 dead gods? That mean you did Gulp and Hugo growth achievement 3 times, that you beat ultra hard 3 times, Mother with T.Lost 3 times, and cracked crown+dedication 3 times too.... I think you underestimate your own power

  7. I did gulp on accident the other day when I found a golden pill on cain. Ended up being like 8 golden pills because of vurp, and I had 24 luck and 3+ shot speed by the end of floor one :D I keep meaning to upload that screenshot here. Never underestimate the power of beating your head against a wall though. I survive on like zero skill and decent game knowledge and rng, and its gonna get me dead God eventually

  8. Yeah I haven't either for like 500 hours. Then I played T Keeper. That character felt so good to play I just didn't want to get back on that miserable grind. Once every blue moon I get a couple checkmarks or challenges but for the most part I play T Keeper

  9. He's prolly my second favorite out of the whole roster! When I started it was cain all day, just gobbling pills to my heart's content

  10. I mean.... that's just trolling tbh. If you're getting toxicity this much, maybe you need to change your playstyle?

  11. It comes with being a rein main but most the time I'm doing it on someone else's behalf, I don't really care about getting flamed but when people start talking shit to others who don't deserve it I can't handle.

  12. You say "smol pp", I say "well your mom says it's an improvement on your dad".

  13. I'm just sharing my experience. You're right most the time, toxicity just escalates. But these seem to be the magic words the make most people shut up.

  14. I love my family but they have a good life

  15. We have a whole section of the population thet never grew up. It seems to be growing with each generation but the bomber gen stands out due to numbers.

  16. There’s many times I’ve died without seeing what hit me and I always record the time prior to see what really happens, it’s easy to do on switcg but you might need a clipping tool for pc

  17. I personally hate the semantic argument - when people say you can't be racist against white people they are using a specific definition of the term that excludes individual discrimination, which is fine, but they know the person to whom they are speaking doesn't use that definition so berating them about the meaning of the word is a pointless misdirect. And the same for this OP, who knows ScaryTerrence is using the macro definition of racism but still posted this nonsense on

  18. This should be the top comment here. The real facepalm is using this screenshot to spark animosity and farm karma.

  19. Because childbirth isn’t donating your body to another person. It’s through one’s own action creating life that’s a part of you and someone else, and being responsible for it, as humans have done forever. Organ donation, that’s the new weird thing.

  20. Justify forcing a 10 year old rape victim to carry out a pregnancy please

  21. I’d rather not, since it’s not a position I support.

  22. So you think this is an okay instance of abortion? How about my partner's ectopic pregnancy that could have easily killed her and left her two existing children motherless? You think there's no room for nuance and her life and the countless lives tied to her are worth less than a nonviable pregnancy that would never have come to term?

  23. I read that as "morons" for a moment... and, tbh, my reaction didn't change once I realized my mistake ._.

  24. Only a religion that dumb could misspell moron and still name themselves after it!

  25. Ignore anyone saying anything but shoot them. Shooting them us easy and gives you enough space. It's pretty fullproof

  26. Those things did get hot as all get out. I’m only 32 but there were a few in my moms home town.

  27. Yeah boomers don't get to stake a claim on shitty dangerous playgrounds, I'm also 32 and grew up playing on several death traps

  28. I can practically hear and feel this photo. Sweaty thighs sticking and squeaking all the way down as I quickly scurry on the tips of my Sketchers in a half assed crab walk to avoid 1st degree burns.

  29. 4 jabs and 6 boosters later. Don’t worry. Im sure the next one will work /s

  30. You want that America but most people don't, and most people wouldn't be allowed to have it if they did want it. Think about someone else's feelings for like a second and you might find yourself understanding progressive ideals a bit better. Sometimes you have to let go of your ego and educate yourself to thrive in this world.

  31. If it's no hassle to them then why are they beings toxic Karen's about it

  32. Sexual orientation being the forefront of your character is annoying period.

  33. The same can be said of any singular thing unless you're like researching ground breaking miracle cures. doesn't really need to be said in the first place

  34. You say "good" but if I was a POC and lived there I'd feel pretty uncomfortable. All this reveals is that racism is more important than upholding the law to these people, and once there is no police, and the former police are all bigots, there's hardly even a pretense for being civil

  35. The previous town manager was also black and they didn’t quit then. There’s probably more to this story and the article is just race baiting for clicks.

  36. Fair enough, it's hard to not jump to the worst conclusions anymore but yeah basically all headlines and msm are too devisive to trust

  37. I've been watching this dude for 8 months at least and haven't seena single failed run. Every time, I wonder, could Sin die in this one? Nope. Meanwhile I think my best win streak is like 4 or 5, and I have 96+% of the unlocks

  38. At least lost is fun to play, win or lose. More than I can say for about half the tainted lineup

  39. I thought it was Jason webley as first. Anyone who digs this sound should check him out :)

  40. What was your method for getting so many charges on the key?

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