1. Rockstar Games does it too and I’m pretty sure all of their releases were masterpieces.

  2. The difference is we already know how RDR and GTA games are gonna play. And they always only release an ingame trailer teaser atleast 9 months ahead. The first trailer for rdr 2 came out 2 years before release and then another one a year later and then more the year of. Gta 5 trailer was 2 years before release as well.

  3. I completely agree with you, the only thing that gives me hope is that James Cameron is working with Ubisoft on the story part so Ubisoft doesn't destroy the story/lore or Pandora (I read this somewhere, but I don't remember where). And I hope Ubisoft realizes that this Avatar game and the new Assassin's Creed are probably some of the last if not the last opportunitys the company has to get back on track

  4. Assassins creed is definitely where that line is. Ik for myself and many others if Mirage isn't good and is more BS, that might be the last AC game we play.

  5. People have been saying that since unity, yet peolle still keep buying assassins creed, Ubisoft hasn't put out a solid games for years

  6. Yea i'm those "people". I play every time one comes out but stopped when odyssey came out. Eventually played through it twice tho.

  7. Intimacy. Nothing more, nothinh less. Just like when they connect with animals. They can feel everything they feel.

  8. Keep em with the ancestors. Lets stop ruining the value of emotion and story climaxes and conclusions in stories.

  9. I hope to God that they have a resemblence to vikings because that would be lit af! With some celtic-esque shamans who have a different take on Eywa!!!!

  10. "Indigenous way of living" is an EXTREMELY broad statement.(almost like saying "african" way of living) Indigenous people are not a monolith. If you'd like to learn about just any Indigenous culture, I would suggest looking up what land you are currently living on and the Indigenous peoples who live there. Learning about their history and the history of their land and what important issues that are going on for them at the moment. That's a quick way to get started. I'd also suggest following TheAvatarPodcast on instagram as they at times post resources and information concerning different Indigenous issues. Thats great way to give you a path to narrow down what exactly you may be interested in.

  11. But the entire point of my post is that it's not white saviourism because the white saviour is not a movie trope, it's a real and very serious form of systemic injustice and oppression that happened (and still happens) in real life. This is Orwellian newspeak and it's trivialising the plight of millions of black and indigenous people of colour, which is how our voices get silenced and our complaints dismissed.

  12. There is a HUGE difference between a white person being an ally and helping to do whats right, and a story/film framing someone for the audience as the hero in an indigenous story and experience. The former is what everyone should do and what everyone accepts. (Black people don't make arguments that white people shouldn't do their part). The latter is what people push back against. This is about how stories and narratives dictate our perspectives on things when they are presented a certain way. White savior narratives show people that they can center themselves as they aim to do an honorable thing.

  13. You're right, but I think we should bifurcate these terms because language is powerful and lumping it all together under "white saviour" trivialises very serious things. Priorities, and all. I feel it would be more helpful to call this particular movie trope "white main character syndrome" rather than "white saviour". It's a more accurate reflection of what's actually going on and it immediately communicates that it's a fiction trope rather than something that happens in real life.

  14. I assume overall that this will still be known as a "jungle planet" but I see there being some room for other biomes. So not fully retconned but just enough to fit under what pandora has been known. For example it just makes sense that it would be colder in the polar regions, so snow is definitely there. But maybe not any full blown Sahara like deserts

  15. Not saying ur wrong but the games aren't cannon so can't really go off them But yeah I think the avatar dying doesn't kill the driver

  16. Not canon in terms of story but lore basics, RDA,and the world of Pandora etc.. are canon.

  17. Exactly. Chimpanzees and most apes are pretty humanoid but aren't humans. Humanoid is just a reference point centering ourselves on what kinda looks like us.

  18. I can tolerate a first person open world. I just hope there is a very well handled photo mode.

  19. Its a 'white Merica military man make thing go boom' accent.🦅🇺🇸

  20. Two of them, really. The initial reaction to [redacted]'s death and then the subsequent scene on the ship really gave Neytiri (and Saldana) a chance to shine.

  21. That question could be the basis of a rather long essay. In brief, and relating it only to the context of my comment above:

  22. I’ll probably be downvoted to oblivion but this scene hits harder than Captain America’s “assemble” in Endgame.

  23. Lmao look at the subbredit your on😂. We're in full agreement with your opinion.

  24. Unobtanium was actually a resource they need to keep their global rail/train system on earth. So no, it wouldnt have saved Earth. Just more capitalism. Its just in avatar 2 where they decide to colonize pandora because they know earth is becoming uninhabitable soon.

  25. Suffering the deaths of your family and clansmen within a bare 15-20 years (and therefor being uncomfortable with the species and child of the man that caused such pain) is not the same as systemic racism.

  26. Losing loved ones to the police certainly is the same thing!!!!

  27. No its not? I know racist police is still a big issue, but even then that is a lot different than corporate security murdering a town to mine for a rock

  28. Please dont miss the point, that point being in how people rightly respond to trauma. Thats the whole point. Don't nitpick.

  29. Dolby cinema 3D at the tyler galleria AMC, Riverside. Thats where i saw it. I live in in murrieta. Imo the best experience and the screen was surprisingly not standard but full screen

  30. Thanks so much! We were considering the Tyler mall but it’s about an hour drive from where we live. Sounds like it’s worth it though.

  31. Yea it was about 45 mins drive for me but i was absolutely determined to see this movie in the best format around. And it has recliner seats.

  32. What if I want the best sound and the best picture?

  33. Yes it is. I would use the word heartfelt because its not only sad. Beautiful in ways.

  34. Talking about action. I kinda got disappointed right at the start when they just jumped into action in the beginning with explosions and all that, i thought that was really early. wouldve needed more buildup for action (The train scene for example)

  35. Yeah, to save money, its not bad to reuse animations or lines, but does it has to be so obvious?

  36. Well like quaritch was saying, they need to "be like na'vi and "think like na'vi". He wants to master this environment and to be the "top dog" in a sense. Thats why he put the tranquilizer gun down when he found out na'vi get Ikrans with their bare hands.

  37. Saw it in Dolby Cinema 3d. Best theatre experience ive had and the 3d glasses were amazing. Pretty big screen too.

  38. I think it’s important to first and foremost properly establish an agreed upon definition of what the “white savior" trope is, and then from there to see if Avatar fits this definition. Very often we negate accusations of Avatar being a "white savior" story, because it can be a buzzword superficially tossed around in order to write off the film (which I think is absurd), but ALSO because we ourselves have an imprecise or vague definition in our minds of what the term actually means.

  39. This is very well put. Thank you. I love how you shared that movies can have both basically have anti racism and racism at the same time. We live in a complex reality with a lot of things in tension. Also almost all white savior films lead with the premise and intention of being antiracist but can still uphold tropes in that attempt. Usually done by well meaning white writers who still often write the narrative centering their own perspective and experiences. And to add to this comment of yours,

  40. Thank you. I'm in agreement with you. There are literally phd level analysis on white savorism in films and avatar definitely fits into it. Avatar is my #1 favorite movie yet im not holding criticism from it. I think the main reason people may get defensive about this fact of the movie is that they may see this critcism on themselves. Like "oh the movie has white savior tropes therefore its racist and you shouldn't watch it or like it". Yea there's definitely reactionaries online who have made that claim but that doesnt have to be your takeaway. I think we need to be more willing to critique the films that we hold near and dear to us. Most white savior films are movies that are attempting to address things such as racism/colonialism. This isn't a new phenomenon in Hollywood. I think this

  41. Yeah, the biolochemical mechanisms by which the bacteria and viruses in Pandora work would be completely different and they wouldn't be able to infect him like the do to us here in earth.

  42. What about pandoran viruses? If any.

  43. Viruses here on earth are just RNA replicating machines, but since the biochemistry of the Na'vi (and by extension the rest of the life on Pandora) is so different that they don't even have what we call DNA, they probably wouldn't be able to infect him.

  44. Ah I see now. Thank you for sharing.

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