1. Oh, absolutely standard. I moved to the UK in 2018. My first job paid £9/hr, then I moved somewhere else for £9.70/HR, then I moved back to £9/hr, and then I got my first non-temp permanent role at £23k/yr, and now I'm at £25k/yr which is the most I've ever been paid in my life. I'm 34.

  2. Thats crazy underpaid. Some devops people easily make 60K+ or even six figures depending on their seniority.

  3. For a senior devops engineer 24K ? 60K at least. Fuck em

  4. That kid is definitely going to become an atheist when she's older

  5. My daughter’s Hebrew name is Zahava Ariella, which means golden lioness of god. Because we are not batshit fucking crazy.

  6. Ariella or Zahava both sound like wonderful names or great combined together

  7. Minimum wage where I am is $15.65. It’s crazy to me that people still earn less.

  8. NTA. It’s the way your husband would have wanted it. I am very sorry for your loss.

  9. Not to burst the bubble but that was probably done by a customer

  10. I got kicked out of Barnes and Noble for moving bibles to the fiction section

  11. My taste in music is simple. If they are dead I will listen

  12. NTA. I also have sensory issues with certain kinds of shirts (long sleeved + pattern laced shirts sensory ick) and I get the feeling your MIL is doing these on purpose

  13. Donations when these people say “no handouts” that’s ironic

  14. The gasp as she falls the way she falls the way the guy says omg bro it’s so percect

  15. Sometimes home theatre setups are meant to be big so that they are meant to be viewable. A single sound bar is not going to cut it

  16. YTA. Your son is right based off his own personal experiences. You can’t force him into accepting your wife as his mother

  17. If you enjoy this you might want to check out 1-900 Weather by Cosmic Cycler, which I personally enjoy slightly more.

  18. Im already a shit driver in video games, so this is triple terrible for me! LOL

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