I’m so cold…

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  1. I've had this same thing. Meds really helped make that go away for me.

  2. I was convinced I could see the future when I smoked weed, it was like a spiritual experience where I'd hallucinate.

  3. I'm sorry you're hurting, friend. It always gets better but I'm saddened you're in the dumps right now :( that is so sad. May this community surround you.

  4. When did you start taking it? I fixed my diet, started to drink more water, and it went away. If you want diuretics, ask your doc. Please don’t take just any.

  5. I start tomorrow. Hopefully it goes away. I'm below the therapeutic dose since I'm tapering off so lithium toxicity isn't a thing. I should be fine.

  6. Nope. Mines pretty severe and my "episodes" are 24/7. At least the depressive and mixed states. Mania is every 3 months or so when I ruin my life. I drove 2 hours to try and prostitute myself out (luckily the guy didn't show up). I've taken coke from strangers with guns when I'm manic and slept with some guy during it. One of the men was 27 with a 16 year old girl. Even writing this makes me realize how severe it is.

  7. I’m in my 30s and barely diagnosed. My mom was very frustrated with me in my teen years and it sucks that we didn’t know. I vividly remember my step dad screaming at me awful horrible things in front of our house about my actions that we now know we’re actually symptoms of a manic episode. You’re not alone.

  8. Was on it when I was 16. Gained 50 pounds in a week. Though I'm prone to side effects so maybe others don't have this problem.

  9. Yep. I have some very bad stretch marks. Not something a teenage girl needs to deal with. Other pills were never that extreme. 10 pounds in a week with seroquel.

  10. I have them too 😭 it's nice to know someone else experienced that and not just me..... it feels bad

  11. I'm reporting you. You're in a community for abuse and this is extremely insensitive.

  12. I'm a big dude and I'm in a killing mood rn, so add me to the list lmao

  13. I send you hugs and kisses, you beautiful little baby, I believe in you!

  14. I wish mine would perish in some kind of accident or of heart attacks or something and GTFO my existence. Evil never dies though, seems like. I feel you, op. I’ve gone permanently NC and to me they are dead to me.

  15. Don't do it. Just try to get away asap. Hang in there dude.

  16. Why would I actually do that dude. I am away. But thanks

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