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  1. It is most assuredly Noble. This may have not been the case years ago, but the way the South Pacific economies are geared today, and the change on the islands to an almost exclusive cultivation of only Noble kava, Tudei kava has become somewhat rare, and it would not make any economic sense for a company to use it in their is also banned for export, but it is a "soft" ban, so largely unenforced.

  2. I hope no mold or bacteria! I think it most likely is user error, I am not experienced for sure and I have a generally weak stomach. Another commenter said coffee is bad with kava and that might have been the problem! I don't usually drink coffee but I did with the kava thinking it would bring up the buzz.

  3. NOOOOOO!! LOL, kava and caffein creates a weird headspace that most people find very unpleasant, plus the combo is a sure-fire recipe for nausea.

  4. I thought I saw posts of people saying they mixed it with coffee in the past! welp that must have been it!!!

  5. hard liquor comes immediately right back up for me LOL

  6. Make goals for things that you want more than alcohol. There will be something.

  7. I'd say you will be fine but I am not a doctor. So about 8 shots a day for you to cIarify? I was drinking at least 15 beers a day and had zero withdrawals aside from anxiety and lethargy.

  8. How did you get prescribed? Phyciatists who see me just want to prescribe me addictive med for anxiety attacks which I can't take because addiction and anti depressants which don't help.

  9. Annoyed for you!!! :( I was also on vacation recently and was overlooked because I couldn't go to in person interviews. It also seemed like I was being judged for being unemployed and on vacation tbh, my overworked partner needed time with me... I passed up for an opportunity when I got back when I asked for a hour to wait until my partner was off work to discuss the insane hours they were offering me. It seems to me like you can't offer a single sign that you want work/life balance without being shunned for it.

  10. It took me nearly 2 years and I ended up being contacted by an agency. The role was temporary. Long story short, I’m still there over a year later in a permanent role.

  11. Thank you for the advice! What agency did you use? I used Robert Half before for temporary positions but they never gave me anything that wasn't miserable.

  12. When you scream into the void, the void gazes back at you.

  13. Very profound! Now I just need the void to get me a job since it just sucked up a good few hours on a job app.

  14. They're never funny. Guys in general aren't funny to me. I would ask them to explain why it's funny.

  15. I would say never because people who make them are degenerates. A drunk man (who looked idk 50+?) asked my age recently and I told him I just turned 26, he couldn't comprehend what I said so he was told by a friend... he then said I looked 27, I told him his wife and kids must be looking for him... No response (his wife and kids were indeed looking for him). Long story short indecent men love to make women feel bad about age. So if you ever get age jokes just know it is because they are trying to make you feel bad because they feel low themselves. The only reason someone would ever make a joke about your age is they want you or want to feel better about themselves.

  16. 26 here fine art major and recently completed a certification in graphic design. Only interview I have had turned our to be someone trying to scam me. No one even opens my portfolio on 95 percent of the jobs that I apply for. I am so embarrassed of myself and I feel like a failure.

  17. I am so sorry that happened. This is a huge fear of mine. When I manage to finally get a good job I won't be telling anyone until I am very solid. Screw overly choosy employers. At least you got a job and now you have the interview experience to use at your next one!

  18. Same. I am sick of being in a shitty job that I am embarrassed of or not having a job and having to be embarrassed about that. I feel like everyone looks down on me for it.

  19. Don't get discouraged. An even more dreamy job is waiting around the corner and you just got made available to grab it! Sending luck and hugs your way. Stay positive, you are so close. XX

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