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  1. I can relate to a lot this too. Lots of people seem to think I’m either mentally slow or on drugs. & I apparently look either lost or like I just finished crying much of the time.

  2. Well, I changed my life by learning things about myself. I learned that my favorite color is pink, then I found my favorite shade, & I went from there.

  3. It’s adorable, but also looks like at some point you start questioning all your life choices, wondering what you’re doing with your life, & hoping to never see the color purple again. All because it’s taken so long to make

  4. It didn't really take that long actually. I just need to put it away for a bit and then I'm sure I'll love it all over again! 😀

  5. Heck yeah! That’s great! It’s super adorable. I’m sure you’ll love it eventually

  6. The best thing you can do is practice. Just start making stuff. Will it be amazing? Probably not, but it will be better than nothing and you will get better. As you are making stuff you will have questions, just ask them or Google for YouTube videos. You will find helpful videos about everything.

  7. Start small. Make a five second video where a figure walks from A to B, and then look at it with a critical eye and see what you want to do differently next time.

  8. Thank you. I plan to paint a tiny toy rocking horse I have & making it look like it’s moving on it’s own. I’m trying to think of the smallest things possible. & to stay interested I think about the plots of stories someday

  9. Imagine how much better this woman's life would be if she took all this hateful energy and put it towards a hobby that brought happiness to her life. Instead of wallowing in shallow judgments about other people's bodies, she could have a cake or a painting or any number of satisfying creations.

  10. I mean I wouldn’t be shocked if it was a niceguy. I’ve seen them play this card where they pretend to be a woman and shame women. It’s impossible to know for sure with an anime pfp and it being the internet.

  11. Free-handed these dino nuggets out of tan sherpa fabric last night. Had to hand sew because I added batting to the inside to make it pillows cozier. My hands may never recover from how hard it was to get the needle through so many fabric layers!

  12. I love them. Good job. I’m sharing this with my friends. They’d love it.

  13. Haha, my niece is a big goofball and dino nuggets have been her favorite after swim snack since she was 5. It just popped in my head, she loved them!!

  14. Omg I can’t believe that I never thought of making my own sock toppers!

  15. You totally should!!!! They're pretty simple (I made mine with two pieces of lace, elastic, and ribbon) and you can mix and match them with different color socks too which is super useful

  16. Thank you so much! I was wanting to mix & match them, but I didn’t know if that was possible

  17. It’s like geko was eating moths one day & heard someone walking by say “you are what you eat”

  18. Sending to my BTS crazed daughter, can't wait to here here yell "Daaad!"

  19. yes, and serious problems on top of that. Might have to get my SO sectioned if their crazy terrorism and manic silence doesn't get better soon. It's been 2 years. I'm desperate, but I love them so much. Not sure if my kind of true love says Come or Go, when everything is so chaotic in their brain/mind/psyche/SELVES that they are about to burst open like a cracked coconut lol sorry, but the seem to be locked inside a chamber of secrets and truths and they will claim I have the key, and I do, but every time I try to put the key in the lock the door just opens by itself, and it's an empty room with another room, an anteroom I guess lol. They seem to have a blank expression and come off as friendly, distant or neutral , apart from the occasional primal scream that they usually claim are for me, as expressions of love lost forever. The more they ought to open up about their real troubles, i.e. not related to drugs but something that seems lodged in their vents, stuck in a very painful and difficult to reach spot, the more they say nothing verbally, but body language speaks volumes, it's a combo of very innocent but intimidating postures , being terrifyingly hard-handed to the touch and yet temptingly teasing with their soft and supple flesh. So it's like I am seducted by them so that I won't get them sectioned lol. But even during and after our close and intimate and very meaningful moments of deep joy and deep sadness, they really keep schtumm apart from the odd little mmm and aahh, so all in all they say very little, express little, verbalise little and not gladly, apart from with friends of the same gender, as if they are more upbeat and chatty with certain close or old friends, but with me, the one who loves them so much I would do almost ANYTHING, as in, anything that would make them happier, without drugs and with drugs alike, and I believe I have never had such a huge warm but almost insane generosity towards them, to see them happy, hopefully by my side, as a partner in crime, in sickness and health, as friends, lovers and family, as a tender, loving, caring and super horny sexual mate, and as my beloved and limited edition person to explore existence with. But even if they read this comment, and knew it had to be about them, it's like there's been a death in the family, I can actually sense a deep and dizzying void in their presence, like a vortex or black hole sucking everything into itself, into a core with an empty compressed golden nugget, impossible to reach, imposible to expell. Their face and words so often screams out a vast nothingness, expressed in consonants that get stuck in the larynx or disappears down the hole, when they are high on drugs or high on life, or very insecure. But the vowels are finely breathed out with real force, very sonorous and with a dark and expressive, but very young and modulated timbre. I do what I can to trut in that melodic trill of voiced vowells, the breathing out and in, the shape of the mouth, the shape of the sound. And the warmth that radiates from his rare voice.

  20. I’m worried about you. I’ve known several people who would do anything for thing for their partners. They lose themselves in the process& are miserable. I don’t want that for you too.

  21. wow, ok so I can still love him you say? I'm forever grateful for this gift of the gob that you so confidently throw at me with a cry or quack or cantata done a cappella counting the clicks on comments and coming in hard with a creaky code that clearly communicates a cute but clumsy confidence in your creatively concocted clam chouder cooked and cooled before the crow that could consume a couple of crocodiles before chewing off the cat's claws in her clown costume, a crucified connoiseur choking on cold conmen's callousness and curiously cutting a cake in cynival convulsions that circumvents clouds of cis and cig circling some crushed creature in its collossal conflation in coronary cramps and comatose carer craving centuries of close and cloned cerulean coloured cuddles, a critical coworker all convivial but cruel from cursed colleagues and corrections of comical consonants that clogged the cave and its corridors with a crapulent cloak covering the culling of cooperatives in the corner and in the centre clueless and carefree in their own complacently cucking away or cussing at copernicus and his crazy cotton candy corona crowning the closely conveyed and conical costume in a common cardigan called the clever coward's cunning coat that clinch the curvy cadaver in certain cascades of a circus complete with courses capable of cleaning crusty cuts and casting a camp or coy cat as the corrupted convict in chains that cause the coping captains of cops creaming censored cuntal close-up of clitoral clamps or coarsely cellular cuticles in the carcass or caressed cosmically in a colonnade cropped by her crested collar coined the collected cushion collage of curtly contending a catastrophic corpus of cellular climaxes and constantly contuouring the clapping cheeks in a chorus of chopin or chemical a clerical cyclamen coercivecommander consumption of a consciously cock y cock-a-doodle-noodle and very self-protected air of assured and antagoonian asking the always never ask again anarchistically and ass whipped assinine assumptions the answers but never any or anyone at all has answers. So APTLY NAMED BITTER AND BELOVED BROTHER IN BLOOD AND BONES

  22. Look, I’m not trying to be mean. & I don’t think with of you are bad people. I’m just saying that that is an incredibly unhealthy situation to be in. & when I said you can still love him I was trying to express something else but I struggle with my words. Addicts are not bad people, they’re just sick. & when people are this sick they need a doctor. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be there for him either. I’m just saying that addicts need help & you may be in a dangerous situation. But I’m not saying that he’s a bad person

  23. honestly this is the best vibes i could hope for it to give off :)

  24. I wish there was a god of time travel because I miss the minutes before I knew of this

  25. Well that’s ok. I can see how it might make people terribly uncomfortable.

  26. That’s so adorable & yeah, I agree. I just wish they didn’t care so much that I like it😅

  27. My wish for you is that you work on caring less about them caring so much about it. Be assured that your appreciation of this movie shows you as an independent and curious thinker.

  28. I can imagine some sort of sci-fi fantasy scenario where huge slug overlords rule swaths of the galaxy. But humanity is able to stay alive by lining their planets with carpet high/ absorbant materials to stop invasions.

  29. Its been 3 days sience it happend she started to use tounge a bit. She cant eat by herself but im trying to feed her

  30. I would seriously suggest that you take her to the vet again & if he dismisses her try another one

  31. I didn't think that and still downvoted. How dare you not understand a poorly explained reddit bot! I am proper cross so I am >:(

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