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  1. Thank you & you’re definitely right. You can also dm me any time. I find that talking to my myself like someone I would someone else who needs support helps

  2. You’re very welcome. I appreciate your kindness too. I hope you sleep well & continue to improve your life.

  3. not everyone has access to a safe source of them and they’re considered one of the best foods for liver health. i bought a huge bag of them from a farmer for a couple bucks that would’ve taken me a long time to collect and i knew they were free of pesticides and contact with animal waste.

  4. Well that makes sense. Buying from a farmer for cheap is reasonable. But why Whole Foods? They would likely cost more than any other green at a grocery store because they aren’t eaten often & Whole Foods is expensive. But frankly I am confused by the concept of that store

  5. i don’t recall them being more than 2.50 or so but much smaller bundle i bought some from sprouts when farmers market don’t run here for that price

  6. I understand not wanting to embarrass your roommate. But honestly I’d get a towel, buy some resolve, & tell them gently what happened

  7. Almost every little boy I went to school with was wearing cargo shorts, crocs, t shirts, puka necklaces, & blonde highlights regardless of natural hair color. I always thought they looked funny. I thought they looked like they were trying to fit in with beach bums they never met.

  8. OP keep in mind that kids and teens cannot be diagnosed with a PD (maybe later teens like age 16-17 but that is also very rare). PD is only diagnosed in adults, and earliest you could diagnose would be someone at 18 (legally speaking), but PDs are diagnosed between 20-25, or later in life/whenever you end up in therapy.

  9. What’s interesting to me is that I’ve been therapy since I was 6. My new docs last year were looking over notes & talked to me for several months, then had me take an autism test because I asked due to so many thinking I was. After that my doctor told me I was Schizotypal. I’m assuming this counts, but it happened so quickly. It was bizarre. One moment I thought I was pretty normal, maybe slightly autistic. The next I get told I’m Schizotypal. Does that make sense? Maybe it just felt quick to me because I have a very poor concept of time

  10. I think that with increasing mental awareness & teens having more access to the internet & often expressing themselves in harmful ways because they don’t really know what else to do, there will likely be an increase of people saying they have a lesser known disorder they are clearly faking. If this is what you are referring to

  11. Nothing is hotter than a nurse. A tired, overworked person wearing baggy scrubs with a seasonal pattern so they can feel festive, even if they have a shift on the day. I really don’t get the trope, besides the nurturing aspect

  12. I wonder what would happen if that sub was posted to

  13. I didn’t know this existed. There are a lot of issues on here, which is why I’m very picky about the ones I join

  14. I thought I was the only one who’s done this. What helps me is realizing why I do this & then talking to my therapist & boyfriend about it.

  15. I’ve hear of goodwill sometimes having sex toys. I get they can be cleaned, but personally I’d rather just spend the extra money. I’m freaked out by the look of new ones. Pre owned is a no for me personally

  16. Just don't poop outside and you'll be fine.😅

  17. No worries there. I’m a shut in & hate camping. My existence is similar to that episode of SpongeBob where he made friends with a penny XD

  18. I wanna put em on my lap & kiss their little nose. & make them clothes to keep ‘em warm

  19. That’s the feeling I get whenever I eat this meal makes me feel warm inside ~

  20. Why do they put their front legs up like that? Is it threat posturing like tarantulas or a way to sense things? I don't know much about the little fluffy bros.

  21. No. But my mother has thought I was going to kill her. She’s also done this with my dad & I suspect that she has some kind of schizo disorder

  22. It was 4 I believe but I was hoping for a cute scrap piece. The color yarn is much lighter but I needed a lighter weight for the white or a less solid squaring pattern for sure.

  23. I’d suggest a 1 or 2. Also I love the ruffles at the bottom. I’d suggest making it off the shoulder with sleeves that are like the bottom

  24. Okay honey, imma be honest, it’s a bit unfortunate looking. But I can see what you’re going for & I like the concept. It just needs a bit of work.

  25. Yes & it’s because they’re so rich they can literally afford to flush money down the toilet

  26. That fur is actually venomous spikes and a sting can go from white hot burning pain, abdominal distress, swelling and redness all the way up up numbness and difficulty breathing. Definitely do not touch. The caterpillar stage is called a puss caterpillar.

  27. My uncle’s ex wife was allergic to these. It almost killed her. She’s was okay though. I think it was on a leaf & she didn’t see it while trimming a tree

  28. My childhood home was infested with them, they make my skin crawl to this day. They do in fact bite, but not often. The sound of them flying still makes me anxious. They're like tiny helicopters.

  29. I got bit by a cricket as a kid. Nobody believed me until they saw the blood. Then they understood why I was crying

  30. Your not alone in this. I'm going through the same thing. Its really really REALLY difficult and things seem so dark right now. I just force myself to get through it in hopes that things will get better again. I tell myself I been through this before and I can do it again. The only truth I can get from this suffering, is that suffering teaches us what happiness is and what's most important to us. Without pain, there will be no pleasure, and without pleasure there will be no pain. One cannot exist without the other. I just tell myself that I'm going to learn from this experience, and I may not know yet what I'm supposed to learn, but I'm sure in due time I will figure it out. It helps me to know I'm not alone at least, I promise your not alone in this and that people care. Even though it doesn't feel that way, you.are.not.alone. I promise. I'm sending love, light, and healing your way. We will get through this my friend💞

  31. Thank you so much. I absolutely agree with you & I really appreciate you 💕

  32. if you're worrying about unsolved problems, do your part to solve them then IGNORE thinking about them, and i know its easier said than done, but getting busy makes that easy.

  33. Thank you. I’m trying to do these things. I really am, but I feel like I’m drowning

  34. One of my guilty pleasures is seeing how people on this sub spell psilocybin

  35. As someone who is lactose intolerant I go down the ice cream isle, stare like I found a long lost lover, pick one, go home & eat that shit like I haven’t eaten in months.

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