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  1. Her name is Sita & she’s 4 years old!! Here’s another picture from today!

  2. I forgot because I just saw her yesterday but I will update with her name tomorrow!

  3. They don’t have any storefronts as it was banned but they’re slowly working on it and actually issuing some licenses! Checkout they have Buy 2 get 1 on wax and flower!

  4. Her( yes she😂), Razzle Dazzle, and Dusty Rose are my favorite ❤️

  5. Ahhhh, I saw your original post earlier! I’m glad he’s doing better and thank you for loving him!

  6. I don’t know where it was in 2018, but there is an all-you-can eat seafood buffet next to the Showboat now. It is outside in the lot next to the Showboat. It was great. Snow crab, clams, etc.

  7. Unfortunately it wasn’t all you can eat and chickies and Pete’s is too steakhousy :( they’re going to go walk by today and see if they find it! Will update if they do!! It was the best seafood meal ever!

  8. Was it Phillips seafood in Ocean 1? They had a window on the boardwalk across from Caesars.

  9. Sadly, no :( unless if they got renovated like crazy! It was a little chill spot, order and they give it to you, there was an outdoor area to sit at, I remember because we sat outside. It was almost like a fast food type atmosphere but not? Haha not sure if that makes sense.

  10. Fogo De Minas!! All you can eat meat!! It’s amazing and close by!

  11. Is this the guy who was going to release a documentary on Dr Sebi and then was mysteriously murdered?

  12. has hella edibles and has 25 off for first time customers but it’s delivery only

  13. Invitation Homes sucks! Worst company ever.. Renting through Peak Residential now and haven’t had any complaints so far

  14. Does anyone have BKPlay #2 and #6? I'm only missing those two 🥺 My code is 620-107-763

  15. Banks charging $35 overdraft fees when you’re already struggling!

  16. Did trump ever work? Most of his time was spent on the golf course.. it’s like he was president part time and golfer full time 🤷🏼‍♀️

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