1. The first episode I ever saw. I was with my dad back in the early 70s. We both laughed so hard and became MASH fans.

  2. My house is over a hundred and ten years old.

  3. Most book length treatment of topics found in an academic library offer a depth of analysis and understanding not usually found on the internet.

  4. Because not all published books can be read via a web search for them. There are copyright issues for one thing.

  5. Maybe he helped Klinger with the Statue of Liberty outfit!

  6. Every text we have about Norse myth has been written by a Christian. Tell them that.

  7. not a friends fan, i see. what you've said is what Chandler says in the American sitcom FRIENDS.

  8. You don’t have to if you actually feel you are not ready or don’t want to.

  9. Nothing in public would surprise me today.

  10. Without recourse to metaphysics goodness has no objective reality. So what is a good person is impossible to objectively define.

  11. I believe that goodness and meaning in life are objectively true and real. They can’t be without recourse to the metaphysical.

  12. Because “stoped” would typically be pronounced with a long O as in stove. The double letter ending maintains the original pronunciation of the vowel.

  13. Strawman. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Doesn’t matter, ultimately the decision to keep or not should be with the one carrying. If that means we’re killing babies then so be it.

  14. I think that’s why it was important to have potter come along. They needed someone to ground the series that the whole of the military weren’t blood thirsty clowns.

  15. I wish we had gotten Potter's take on the war itself. I know he dislikes war, but did he think it was important for Americans to be there? It would not have been odd for a person in the military at that time to think that the US needed to contain the spread of communism.

  16. The closest we got to that was in an episode of AfterMASH… Potter tells somebody he was in Korea, and the reply was that they wished they could have done better over there. Potter’s reply was “we made our point”.

  17. I don’t remember that line. Thanks for mentioning it.

  18. The rainbow was the promise to not destroy the world again by flood.

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