1. "Tesla shares fell 5% in extended trading on Wednesday after the automaker reported fourth-quarter results that came in stronger than expected." -CNBC

  2. It’s because they cited concerns with production due to the supply chain

  3. It's as if Tesla lives under the sun like every other company on earth, better sell! /s

  4. The bigger issue isn’t the temperature though, warm poop is messing to pick up because it’s soft, cold poop is typically more solid and therefore easier to pick up.

  5. Did you ever consider that maybe some kids playing sports motivates them to try harder in school so they are eligible to play? If it wasn’t for sports some kids would have no motivation to pass their classes.

  6. Based on solely looks I’d say the Mach-E, but that’s considering none of the specs, etc.

  7. Will this design be already available for the 2023?

  8. I believe that’s around the timeline they’re going for

  9. Will cost a Fortune to charge it and buy it. I’ll keep my reliable gas engine thank you.

  10. Why would it cost more then any other EV?

  11. As a pitcher, I can’t believe I never thought of this! Can’t wait for the season to try it, thanks! 🤣

  12. Am I the only one who isn’t disgusted by this? 😂 I LOVE the banana taffy

  13. So, did you preorder the LV, delivery vehicle or the truck?

  14. 400m, could you tell me what you mean here. Sorry I’m not picking up on it :)

  15. Biden’s expected to announce more strict measures tomorrow, so I’d expect it to drop a decent bit more after that.

  16. Almost never a perfect time to invest. If I were you, I would just start investing in an etf. Vti, fzrox, spy, voo, just to name a few. I would probably invest $500 at a time over the next few weeks. Invest every 2 weeks or whatever pace you are comfortable with. Dollar cost averaging is your friend.

  17. Could you explain dollar cost averaging please, thanks :)

  18. Dollar cost average, basically: instead of spending $1000 on share x at $50 a share, spend $100 on x at $50, $100 on x at $48 , $100 on x at $47, $100 on x at $51, so on so on and your average will end up likely being below $50 a share.

  19. You mean buying the same stock at those different prices correct?

  20. Small rural pa school here, we have off today

  21. Interesting thought, I just did some looking into it. I would like your honest opinion here. If I put $100 into DWACW at it’s current price of $14, do you people really think it’s getting to $1000 like the subreddit speculates.

  22. Thanks for the reply, could you give any insight on why you are recommending it?

  23. They are in a cave and the stalactite is where the military stuff happens with the city in the cave down below

  24. So in the stalactite is a military room? And I am to assume that these caves are absolutely massive?

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