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  1. As a US citizen, this makes me cry. I spend well over $1500 every year in medical expenses and medications and I am one of the fortunate ones.

  2. What a beautiful snake! Not that I’d want it near me, but beautiful none-the-less.

  3. So far the hardest part has been all the perfect pelts needed to make all the clothing in the trappers menu.

  4. Yeah, good luck with that. I’m sure you’ll get there eventually.

  5. I hate that glitch. They need to fix that. I finally got the secret jean scout jacket that Pearson makes and that changes color too.

  6. What a bummer. I remember hearing about that jacket but have completely forgotten how you get it.

  7. If you're doing it between moonshine missions, The pond at the top of Ringneck Creek just under Eris Field in Lemoyne is also a really nice spot that feel secluded while still being in a central part of the map. I know about it because a Creek Plum sometimes spawns there aswell

  8. I’ll have to check it out some time. Thank you for the fishing tip.

  9. Wait until you do Blackwater Dock Hunting Wagon Fishing.

  10. I made over $100 fishing until my moonshine was ready. I had close to 20 of each fish. It’s fun right!

  11. That or I drop some predator bait in front of him making it really look like I feed him. He never takes it though. Which means although Cripps claims to hate the dog, he does feed him well.

  12. I keep thinking about drawing Cripps secretly petting the good boi

  13. What he says about being whole describes it perfectly. My father never wanted me and I had to grow up watching him raise the daughter he did want. I understand he' never had the obligation to love me and it was wrong of me to think I was entitled to his love. I accept it now. But that's still a part of me that'll always be incomplete.

  14. My heart broke for you when I read that. I actually cried for your pain. I very much believe you have a Heavenly Father who loves you just as you are and whether you feel you deserve it or not, He really does love you and wants to fill that emptiness you feel.

  15. I dont have the prestigious one but i know its a pain to get gold but you have the option once you go to the board on the last bounty (far right poster) you can scroll up or down to buy the prestigious license for (i think) 15 gold honestly i just go after Eta Dola on max difficulty for the gold and money since shes really easy (in my opinion) plus not bounty related but leveling up every 5 levels gives the treasure maps which tend to give at least 0.70 to 1 gold sometimes less but hey better than nothing

  16. You can do legendary bounties, you might have been looking at infamous bounties

  17. I did one legendary and then they are all gone for me now

  18. there’s no way to equip the shovel really, when you happen upon the dig site you should get a hold square (or whatever) prompt. did you get the metal detector as well? you kinda need both

  19. I didn’t get the metal detector, it isn’t an option for me yet. Probably the issue lol 😂 Thank you

  20. Even without the metal detector, there are collectibles that require the shovel. For those, you'll see the "yellow sparklies" over a mound in the ground. When you get to the mound, you should see Dig offered as an action you can perform.

  21. Maybe I am just not leveled up high enough to be allowed to dig 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve been to two or three dig spots based off of the collector map online and none of them show up gold or allow me to dig. I watch videos to make sure I’m going to the right areas too.

  22. Don’t worry. They will spawn eventually. If you are wanting them for a coat it can be frustrating. Sometimes it’s days i don’t see them and then I’ll get a few in a session. If it’s for cripps, it’s not that big of a deal to hunt 3-4 three star large animals in place of a legendary. Good luck, it will happen.

  23. Thank you ☺️ I want to completely fill the meter and omg it feels impossible. I’ve delivered: elk, multiple deer, a boar, a squirrel, several talons and teeth etc, multiple pronghorns, all three star and it’s already low again. I’ve done two deliveries total. When do you start to get gold and not only money?

  24. You do need the naturalist and it is much easier to get it to level 5 and do the legendary she gives you the most easiest are (banded gator,dark beaver,Bison payta,boar ichachi,and Ruudy moose) btw the bear gives the most with the bison in second place and the boar has the most annoying first mission but after that it's very easy. If you don't already have the hunting wagon then get it because you will need it to store your animals.

  25. Buck are such a pain to find and when I do they are almost always 1 ⭐️ Female deer are much easier to find but I ended up moving to the bayou so I can just find alligators and barely have to leave camp to find them. Even better, my camp is by all of the small alligators that are 3 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ but small enough to just throw over your shoulder.

  26. Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I believe S3 E12 is the start? It primarily focuses on Asajj and her revenge. Great arc!

  27. I wish Ventress had her own show or at least showed up more. She had such massive character development.

  28. Agreed! My husband FINALLY decided to play the game which made me want to play it again for like my 7th time 😂

  29. This is also horrifying to see. I imagine mine would look like that too. We tried cleaning it from the vent where you connect the dryer, but we don’t have that kind of equipment to reach deep inside the house like that.

  30. No way I could’ve not pet the good boy if he ran in front of me during a game like that.

  31. No, so wait until the epilogue to do the last “The Veteran” mission.

  32. Not even Buell will transfer if he is stabled? Can I finish the missions with the veteran as John? I already started but I haven’t gone hunting with him yet.

  33. The rhyme shouldn’t be used if you are outside of the United States but as long as that is in the US and it didn’t come from a pet trade…ie you found it in the wild; then no, it is not a coral snake.

  34. This reminds me of the managers where I work. Love it 🥰

  35. I will check it out soon. It looks lovely in the photos. I’m about the sell everything on my island and start over.

  36. Lmao I just did the same thing! I’m forcing my brother to let me put all my bells, NMTs and some items on his island so I can have them once I restart (but he doesn’t know that yet aha)

  37. This is one of my favorite videos/gifs on Reddit. It cracks me up so much.

  38. Lol, turns out my hubby posted this too

  39. How do you get any work done with that look?

  40. She looks like she has a French mustache

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