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Pelosi's husband arrested for DUI

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  1. I am 36 with untreated sub coronal, I have a full foreskin. It sounds like my condition is very similar to your sons.

  2. Can I ask you a personal question and you can not answer of course: did the hypospadias affect your size? How big are you and has this had an effect on your sex life?

  3. The monologue in The Lighthouse. That's all you need to see how insanely talented he is.

  4. Attacking Sikhs? They are the most peaceable, kind and generous group of people. ISIS can eat a bag of dicks.

  5. Kind and generous definitely, but by no means peaceful. The Kirpan might be mostly symbolic, but the ideal it represents certainly isn’t. Hopefully the scum who carried out this attack will learn this soon.

  6. Totally. The fact that they carry it so they can stop injustice from occuring is so badass.

  7. They did. They fought to make it work. I was too sick to even be in a relationship. I don't want to live anymore

  8. This is one reason why I feel hopeless. Also because, I've never had the confidence to approach women. My ex was the one who hit on me. how many times does the woman of your dreams find YOU instead of the other way around? It's very rare to have that happen once. I don't think I can face one more night of crying myself to sleep thinking about her sweet embrace

  9. I had a chance to meet her a few years after this was taken, sometime in 1998. I worked up all the courage I could muster as an 11 year old and walked up, asked her to sign her headshot. I forget what she said but it was something like "Oh I'd be happy to, you are so sweet!" She was very nice about it and I still have her autograph somewhere.

  10. I still remember the guy who nonchalantly maced those college kids for sitting in on the campus sidewalk ended up getting a payout for the mental anguish of being ridiculed in the media for it.

  11. The cop who executed Daniel Shaver was allowed to retire early with his full pension because he suffered PTSD from the killing.

  12. It all started to make sense when I learned the history of policing. Police forces were made to protect property, they were never designed to protect people.

  13. Not all Republicans are far right, in fact by definition they are the extreme just like the democrats who burned down my city of portland.

  14. You think it was democrats that "burned down" Portland? Do you actually live here? Lmao

  15. Sure. I hate comparing my experience to some idea of "normal," I did that for so long and still do sometimes, so I get it. I have heard from guys with 20+ years that they would rather die than take another drink and they really meant it.

  16. What an absolute fockin ledge this chap is. I will follow sexy sax mullet man to the gates of hell

  17. She's not even a bargain bin Marilyn because she doesn't have the looks or the personality required to pull off that kind of career. Marilyn was nothing less than a force of nature for most of her adult life and her career relied on a high level of show(wo)manship and personal magnetism that Amber doesn't have at all. Plus, beauty might be subjective, but let's be honest: Amber Heard is no Marilyn Monroe there, either.

  18. Same brother! I'm so incredibly constipated, and because I can only pass one small piece of turd at a time, I have to go number 2 every 30-40 minutes. My sphincter has gotten a bigger workout than a pornstar doing an anal gang bang scene. I'm taking a medication that slows my digestion, so the poo gets backed up in my gut, and dries out while it's just sitting there. It feels like I've been shitting baseballs, when I get the urge I never know if I should try and force it,or let the urge pass. The problem with the former is that it can literally feel like I am going to tear my hole apart. The pain is unreal. Ive found that actually standing up when trying to pass these rock hard poops brings a little relief, but then you have the added problem of ensuring that your aim is true and the turds make it into the bowl. All the while I am grunting with pain and drenched in sweat, my legs shaking and my knuckles white from the death grip I am deploying on the towel rack. I let out something close to a scream as my anus approaches maximum dilation. I am afraid that it won't make it out, that the pain will be too much and I will cease the clenching, preventing the turd from escaping and causing it to be sucked back into the rectal canal. This has happened more than once and is a supremely uncomfortable feeling, as you are forced to move around with the poop crowning out of your o-ring, squishing on your cheeks as you walk. The problem with just calling off the movement if it seems like it will be too painful is that I have become so full of shit that I think I am in danger of impaction. I actually can feel the pressure of the poo on my lower intestine and have experienced excruciating spasms more than once now. I fear that if I am not able to pass a significant amount of feces I will have to be manually disimpacted at the E.R, and I might seriously rather die than have a stranger dig around in my ass with his fingers. I just want you to know that this stranger can feel your pain. I am having excruciating poops myself and I stand with you in solidarity.

  19. Other than being $2000 in debt, rejected by crush, and I’m being overworked at a minimum wage job at the age of 19 while going through constant arguments with families and having mental breakdown once in a while, I’m surprised I’m doing okay so far.

  20. Hey man, I was in your shoes once. In fact, I still am in your shoes, in a sense. It might sound bleak, and it is. But here's the thing, I'm only one dude and can only draw from my experience, but the magical thing about getting older is that you start to really run low on fucks. In other words, I just don't care that my life is terrible and depressing anymore. I've adapted to it. There are things that I can change that would improve my life, sure, but the large majority of things that cause me to feel despair and depression I can't do jack shit about. There is also the fact that as you get older you realize that a lot of the things you thought would bring you fulfillment, won't. if you are wise you stop striving for happiness and start striving for peace. There is a certain freedom in realizing that my dreams will never come true, that the vision I had for my life was an illusion. Ironically, I've stumbled on the real secret to happiness, which is to stop striving and to cultivate gratitude for things just as they are. This is powerful because it doesn't depend on anything you do or don't have, it can be applied to the smallest of things. The idea that some people have perfect lives that they enjoy all the time is a lie perpetuated by the unreality of social media. Everyone is suffering, and if they aren't then they are in for a rude awakening. Having consciousness in a cold and uncaring universe is terrifying and the best we can do is distract ourselves from the hard facts of life with pleasurable diversions. People might scoff at someone who says they take pleasure in the simplest things, or turn their backs on someone who focuses on the darker aspects of the human condition, but I believe that we should spend as much time as we reasonably can contemplating the nature of our predicament. Of course we need some things to be okay, relationships being the main one (it does suck big time to get rejected by your crush at 19). Give yourself time. We are so impatient to get somewhere, somewhere we think wil give us all that we need. Try and see if you can feel grateful for the things you do have, it's hard because we are conditioned to want things, to need them. But it can be done in any circumstances. People have become free and enlightened on death row. I believe in you.

  21. Clearly we need to do something about teenage arguments. It's the only way to stop this from happening again.

  22. I wonder if this guy has traveled outside the U.S. I went to France and Italy 20 years ago and I have wanted to move there ever since. In the last 5 years it's become less of something I want to do and more of something I need to do. I can't live here anymore.

  23. Luckily, I think you can meet another European if you’d like. When I was in Europe, it seemed like my American accent was seen as kind of cool and attractive. You may not be ready yet but when you are, the word is your oyster.

  24. Not where I live currently (Oregon). There is very little diversity here. I met her in San Francisco which is a very international city, but even that was just a stroke of dumb luck. She showed me that Europeans in general have a much better approach to life and introduced me to do much amazing stuff. I wanted to move back to Europe with her and now with everything going on here I wish that had happened more than anything. I lost the best opportunity of my life and I'll regret it for the rest of my life. All the light has gone from my life

  25. No definitely not. She wanted to take me with her back to Belgium. She said her friends would have loved me. I don't speak French, and without her to guide me and plug me into things I would be very lost and lonely and unable to communicate.

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