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  1. Louis Vuitton purses are the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. They’re the blobfish of purses.

  2. You click the link in the bot’s message, you do NOT use the command again.

  3. Ouch. First time using the bot and I get scolded. My bad.

  4. ooof. I just picked one of the... 400 or so comments at random. Sorry man.

  5. Hah no worries, I was just very surprised. I'd only just woken up and wasn't expecting it XD. Have a good day!

  6. +karma Thank you very much, friend! You're awesome.

  7. Although I tried my hand at PvP in ds3, I'm still learning and decided I'd try my hand at Elden Ring. As a beginner, the combat is gruelling. Every group that would have been considered a 'gank' in ds3 is now just normal here. It's pretty hard to learn straight through playing, ended up going to duels which has been a bit less hectic and easier to manage and learn.

  8. I can help - I wrecked him witch sorcery but I am quite squishy. I'll do what I can lol omw

  9. Legend. Thanks a lot :). How to hand out Karma?

  10. Bro get a grip. You just made a million assumptions... stick to facts, don't make insane leaps like you're some kind of TTRPG psychic who can see the past, read the DM's mind, and who knows everything about OP's table.

  11. Honestly. It feels as if some people go into every single post with the mindset that each group has missed out on the social contract and decide to make wild assumptions about the playgroup.

  12. Not giving us much to work with, OP. King or rules 1 and 2? Show us your faaace.

  13. Sadly reddit wont make me post myself, hate the game not the player

  14. With the context of the post in mind, would "No problem King" suddenly become a very backhanded compliment?

  15. Hah what did they think it was? I can't say that I don't love the taste test when it comes to mysterious dnd substances but still.

  16. If not all of them, then how many HAVE you poled?

  17. To be fair, we do use it although sparingly. Either way, I concur. Moron.

  18. Speak for yourself, even trying to say it now it feels very wrong.

  19. I do vividly remember trying to type it out once. Started with arsehole, jumped to ass, tried to come up with something more creative and then just stuck with it.

  20. These products just keep getting better.

  21. What rules is the weather table based on? I've forgotten if the module has a setup for it already.

  22. Dungeon Master's Guide, wilderness survival section. Also found on the ToA DM screen

  23. Thanks a bunch! Knew they were somewhere. Love the table, I'm definitely going to use it. Going to make keeping track of weather so much easier since I am focusing a decent amount on survival.

  24. Right, let's say that your purpose is, in fact, to have a painful time. If it's so inevitable, what's the harm in trying to get away from all of that? Every day you last without that suffering is one that you've claimed for yourself, despite this theoretical life purpose. Break away from enough of those days (and therapy) seems like a good start to feeling like you're in control of life.

  25. JRPGs typically follow the same format for combat. A bar with 4 actions to choose from, (sometimes) static sprites with hp/mp below. The character names are jokes on common tropes within the genre.

  26. I did almost decide the robe was specifically red to drop a Red Wizard hook, but left color out of my description in case I didn't want to go that way. They did earlier come across a deceased Red Wizard and thought nothing of the red robe even out of character--and this group's players know enough to know more about the Red Wizards than I do.

  27. My group is still far off Omu so my knowledge on the Red Wizards is a bit shaky, but I didn't see a huge amount that made me like them as devices other than as minor rivals.

  28. You're right. There is a ritual to go pureblood... I was just remembering that Ras Nsi became a malison through a ritual. Those aren't the same.

  29. Snake-Wight would be cool. Got any ideas for spellcasting modifications to the Wight? It'd feel out of place to have her march up with sword and board. Plus theming magic is always a great way to make encounters stand out, at least in my books.

  30. Pretty tame when compared to everyone else but I remember eating cereal with marmalade style filling inside of pillow shapes. Remember vividly lifting up a mouthful and seeing a centipede dancing like the world was about to end. Put the cereal in the bin, never bought it again.

  31. I've been keeping a general rule of thumb that the further south my party goes the less known things are. Or rather the further from PN. Things like Camp Righteous and Vengeance and the Aldani Basin are givens, but as things go along and the closer they get to Omu the less the guide knows. Also, as was pointed out, using them to dispense useful information when it suits my needs.

  32. So do you have the guides know the locations of most places on the dm map?

  33. If the guide is a substantive aid to the party in combat, they'd be wiser to share the risk and the XP. Advancing a little more slowly is a small price to pay for mitigating the risk of death. On my party's first excursion into the jungle, they had a guide and a troop of mercenaries from Fort Beluarian. The players understood that they were sharing XP, but they all agreed it was well worth it.

  34. I hadn't really considered that. My strength has never lied in tag-along npcs. Always end up forgetting that they're around to talk. I'll give it my best shot though.

  35. I've got one of the dms I play with who does something similar to the one in the other post. I found it enjoyable to begin with as we 'just about' beat combats, had long discourses with npcs about their lives and were generally integral to the overall plot.

  36. He wished her a happy international women’s day at 2am

  37. He was either really eager to get that in or juust about forgot and went in for a 'save'. Regardless, this guy should learn to quit.

  38. Their are youtube videos that tease the setting. I just sent the players a link. The video with the female voice actor I thought was much better than the rest.

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