1. That didn't stop anyone from throwing lighted fireworks at cops last night in the loop.

  2. It’s not just the engine, you’ll lose a lot of other features like heated seats, sunroof, fog lights, etc. It’d be a downgrade in almost every way IMO

  3. Yes, but I would gain the improved infotainment and climate controls, a leather steering wheel, LED headlights, improved styling, and safety tech including adaptive cruise control. That being said, I can’t find a 22’ in stock anywhere anyways.

  4. Problem with Comerica is you never really feel close. It's very streched out instead of being on top of eachother. Obviously if he has never been to any park he'll feel close because he has nothing to compare it to, but the first time I went to another MLB park, Comerica felt very open and far as apposed to Wrigley for example.

  5. Thank you, we had a great time despite a bad loss. We sat in section 117. The view was very good, although I actually wished we were higher up in the section to have a better view of the infield.

  6. Or you could just like sit wherever you want. The stadium is practically empty every game

  7. Not today. As I've been looking for tickets, it's been surprising. I think being a holiday weekend and a beautiful day doesn't hurt either.

  8. Taking my 8 year old son to his first game today! I want to make sure he has a great experience. I'm looking at tickets in either 138 (3B side) or 117 (1B side). I want to make sure he can see the scoreboard and the city skyline but isn't blinded by the sun. I also want to make sure he feels close enough to the action and has a chance of getting a foul ball (however unlikely). Any suggestions?

  9. What your going through is hard but you have to quit making excuses for yourself. Take some sleep aid instead of drinking beer at night. Drink in moderation on the weekend. Calculate your macros so you have a plan on what to put in your body. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself what do you want more. The goal or the shame you feel. Good luck to you OP. Hope you find it in you to stay strong and meet your goals.

  10. Thank you for responding. My current status of not eating as long as possible, drinking to feel a buzz, and then eating whatever is convenient and delicious isn’t working for me (obviously). Seeing food as a reward and something to look forward to helps me cope with life. If I eat healthy throughout the day it’s like I have nothing good to look forward to.

  11. Nutrition is so important for general health. Your body won't perform at its best if you're just eating hyper-palatable fast food.

  12. I suppose the same principal could apply here with home cooked foods for me- I just want too much of it. Food is a “reward” for me and I think that in order to lose weight that food needs to just be about fuel/nutrition.

  13. LOL I just paid $15,500 for my volt from Carvana! 2018 LT with 29,000 miles on it. Kinetic blue.

  14. That color is hard to sell. There’s a 2020 accord brand new at my local dealer that color. They still can’t sell it!

  15. Love it because those are the exact two volts I’ve owned! 2012 silver and 2018 kinetic blue.

  16. We have a 2022 Santa Fe hybrid. It drives like an EV around town and gets amazing MPG. It’s only two rows but is very spacious and has a very capable AWD system.

  17. You do NOT need that warranty! Voltec and powertrain will cover any potential major issues and for $1,850 you can pay out of pocket for minor fixes and likely come out ahead by quite a bit. Don’t be a sucker. A warranty like that would be better for a high mileage vehicle that is 8-10 years old. Not a volt that you hardly ever drive.

  18. My kinetic blue 2018 LT came from Carvana last week. I absolutely adore the car. I do feel a little more vibration and bumps on the road than I did with my Camry, but I think I'm just being overly sensitive because I'm looking for issues. Carvana delayed the delivery several times but I'm glad I waited because the price was $5,000 less than any other similar volt within 200 miles of where I live in southeast Michigan.

  19. I wonder how many miles of range you’d get with a mr. fusion and a flux capacitor?

  20. Side note about an otherwise magical day for you— the Adell Center confuses me so much. I’m not understanding the theory of locating together a Carvana, Planet Fitness, steakhouse, and that new skydiving thing or whatever it is they’re building there now.

  21. Yes but- indoor skydiving!! Michigan winters are so brutal…. We need all the indoor excitement that can be manufactured.

  22. I like the idea of Carvana but the reality is they delay shipments far beyond the promised dates all the time, their customer service reps are totally overwhelmed and there are far too few of them to meet demand. Their photos also fail to show the true condition of the vehicles. I would have preferred a regular dealer but carvana’s price was insanely good.

  23. You must have really been fighting with spell correction to post this.

  24. Full disclosure I work at Carvana... but I did buy a Volt from Carvana. 2014 with 80k miles. I bought last June and have put 17k miles on it since. So far, so good. It’s not even due for an oil change yet.

  25. Is Carvana like… totally overwhelmed right now with an insane amount of purchases?

  26. Shipping, generally speaking, is somewhat proportional to the distance a car needs to travel to get to you. That shipping cost most likely means they’re moving a car across the country. Shipping a car is very different from, for example, buying an item off Amazon. More distance = more problems

  27. That's true... I hope it works out... and fingers crossed the car doesn't have any issues.

  28. That sucks! I bought a 2017 Volt from them and will mostly likely be returning it in a few days. Don't expect ANY real customer service from them, just a bunch of empty promises. I do agree about the value part, it seems like the prices on the volts just keep going up!

  29. I'm in the EXACT same situation. I think I'm going to bail because I'm starting to think that even if the car does get delivered the condition won't be as expected. I also don't want to reward Carvana for their multiple failures during this process.

  30. I’m getting mine from Carvana’s “vending machine” on Monday! Kinetic Blue LT 💯

  31. That's fair. This was back in February. Idk how you can buy at all having that opinion.

  32. That the market for used cars is higher than what they should be right now. It's like buying high in the stock market when it's likely that used car values will normalize.

  33. I’m okay with it because I need a vehicle now and prices probably won’t come down very much any time soon. Still want to get the best deal I can though.

  34. I wouldn't pay that much for either vehicle. If it were me, I'd seriously consider a brand new BEV (assuming you have a place to charge). Deals can be had on Niros, Bolts, etc. PHEV still has some value but it's waning IMO.

  35. Horrible idea. Charging networks are a nightmare hellride of frustration and disappointment (unless you own a $45,000+ Tesla). Bolt is the ugliest vehicle I’ve ever seen and other EVs are way, way, WAY out of my price range of less than $18,000 for a reliable and comfortable vehicle. The Honda Civic is my close second choice but a 2018 civic barebones lx is more expensive than the volts I’m looking at.

  36. I can’t really give too much advice, but those prices seem pretty high to me. I got a 2017 Premier with every option (aside from the illuminated charge port) in Blue, with 29k miles, for 15.9k out the door back in January. I’m unsure if prices have just risen that much since then, if 1 model year makes that big of a difference, etc. but I wouldn’t pay 16.5k for an LT with no options. Just my 2¢.

  37. You should see prices right now…. Local dealers in Michigan want $21,500 for a 2018 with 23k miles and that’s for a base model! That Carvana price is as low as you’ll see anywhere on the planet. That being said- I can live without leather and heated seats. Is there anything else on the premier that is really special ?

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