1. If I drink… it’s all over. Planned a good day. Went out for drinks with my friend. Got ravenous. Hate the house! But tomorrow is a new day. Just gonna exercise and remember why I can’t drink often while loosing weight. 80/20 right! Today marks my 20%. Now back to the 80%

  2. I like to recognize how I might feel. My luteal phase is rough on my mental and body image. I start to carry water weight and the scale goes up. I don’t like what I see in the mirror (even if I look the same!). It fucks with my head.

  3. Just about! 161/162 on the left, 159/158 on the right.

  4. I’ve been having trouble getting that much protein. how do you do it?

  5. Chicken breast can help! I eat yogurts with 15-20g of protein. I’ll dabble with whey protein or Barebell protein bars. I learned from this sub to plan protein FIRST and make that the main feature of your snack. Then fill the rest of your caloric allotment for that meal with other fixings. I’m loving wraps with protein and a little avocado to keep me full longer.

  6. Don’t really know where to put this observation but I’m noticing a lot of places have final sale items!!! I didn’t notice on a order and totally got got!! Just heads up out there!

  7. U wont slip on a cork yoga mat Mine is from this etsy shop

  8. I actually ended up with a cork mat! I love it for vinyasa. I’ll use the lulu lemon one (I got it for free) for hot power which moves a bit faster and is hotter.

  9. How are you defining “self care”. Everything else looks so good but this one is a little vague and may cause some decision fatigue of you don’t have like a “self care kit” to choose from.

  10. Oh! Self care as in making sure I do my skin care, moisturizing my hair , and just general maintenance. I noticed a huge difference in myself when I take care of my face step by step and doing my lymph massages vs when I just slap on my serums and run.

  11. I love this!! I love that it’s defined for you too. That will help you keep up with your daily check list rather than have to make a “decision” every time you have to check off this list.

  12. Pesto!! I found a vegan one at Trader Joe’s that isn’t so bad but still have to measure with a spoon not my heart.

  13. You did a really great job taking your time and pushing through!!

  14. Thank you!!!! I’m really into getting my technique down and helping things feel flowy!

  15. I literally gain 5 lb over the course of my period then lose it a week after again lol it's so annoying

  16. It’s so annoying!!! I’m hoping I’ll see a whoosh! If not, I’m focusing on other gains!

  17. Lol I feel you! I was in a calorie deficit all week and the scale this morning showed I gained a pound!

  18. A pound is DEF normal! Could be salt foods, not having a BM or just anything honestly! I bet you’ll be back to your average weight tomorrow!

  19. I’ll blend alfredo sauce with cottage cheese and cook a high protein pasta option for dinners some weeks!

  20. This is a great idea, I despise the texture of cottage cheese. It never occurred to me that I could just blend it!

  21. Learned this trick from an Instagram called stealth health!

  22. Sent my first overhung V0! I was surprised at how easy it came and it also felt really natural to use flags. Hilarious because the day before I had a shit climbing day and was really discouraged.

  23. If you haven't, stop buying it for the house. Simply not keeping it around can go a long way.

  24. Replace with spindrift, or a sparkling drink from Trader Joe’s. Give what you have in the house away or dump it down the drain. Don’t keep buying something if you can’t regulate it.

  25. I’d love a bit more diction in your singing. I can really only recognize the words because I know the song.

  26. I did!!! It’s literally the best and I was surprised too!!

  27. Honorable mention for the east end as well!

  28. So I’m a big fan of weighing daily! 9/10 I can guess what the scale is going to say and get it right now the nose. This is due to learning all the data points. Did I have more sodium or carbs? I’ll be up or stay the same? Did I lift weights? I’ll definitely be up or be at the same weight? Did I wake up feeling less bloated/lighter? I’ll probably be down .2-.4 pounds. Because I’m tracking all the data I can really understand my fluctuations.

  29. I’m the same! Engineer and seeing the data trends is comforting to know I’m doing what I need but it really threw me when it stopped working as expected.

  30. I view weight loss in three pillars. Calories, exercise, sleep! Mostly it takes all 3 to see changes beyond micro. I’ve also reframed that a week of consistent weigh ins is a successful metric. If I’m weighing higher every day then that’s a bad thing! If it’s the same then I try and trust the process and wait for a big whoosh after sleep and exercise evens out.

  31. I posted about this same thing! I was so scared to go alone but I just started going! I still get nervous when the gym is busy but I find a nice chill corner and project something that feels nice. It’s so worth it to go alone. And you’ll make friends! And you can do drills and work on technique. It’s worth it I promise!!

  32. Just coming here to see what others are saying-- I struggle with boredom eating and munchies, which gets worse on the weekends. My weeks are incredibly structured and my weekends are... not.

  33. Stay busy!! This helped me tremendously over the pandemic. Finding a few outside activities like long walks or hikes, or another movement based hobby was good. Even picking like a thrift store and walking around for a while was super fun and just kept me out of any kitchen!

  34. Question!! How did y’all get your first send on overhung walls? Where did you start and what kind of routes helped you get there?

  35. Sent a V0 project that had a lot of volumes halfway up. Not so much a physical accomplishment but a mental one of getting over climbing on volumes!

  36. Omg that must have felt great!!! I loved watching your progression.

  37. They put on great shows! Excited to do an early show there.

  38. I’m putting on a music and comedy show at Askew called Love Stories and Other Misfortunes 5:30-7:30pm on Saturday! Not food related but a fun idea for something different.

  39. A few things as mentioned: not restricting anything during the week? Craving pizza? Order it or make it. Want a sushi bowl? Why the bell not! Just be mindful. This makes it easier to maintain a lower calorie range and feel satisfied.

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