Using side money for options. Applying extra pressure.

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  1. I'd give up Texas and most other southern republican states.

  2. Horse plus incantation or spells and they're nothing

  3. I had no issue with him using lighting strike and a summon

  4. It literally means we live on a spinning rock in space and somehow we have bills. I'm having an existential crisis ok?

  5. Then go do everything yourself in the wilderness. No one's stopping you.

  6. In USA, your claims are incorrect. A person cannot simply choose to live off the land in the wilderness without paying bills. While living in the wilderness, a person still needs to pay to purchase the land they live on and property taxes along with permit fees (hunting, water, etc) at minimum. Failure to do this can result in being evicted and prison time with absolute certainty. There is also an increased probability of being shot via firearm for trespassing on the land.

  7. Whatever you do level up Vigor as your main stat until it's 35 at least

  8. Yes. Just watch some YouTube videos you'll find a bunch.

  9. Caelid. Need to take a portal that’s hidden behind the Third Church of Marika. Enemies are Vulgar Militia. About 20 of them before you’ll need to rest where I’m standing. They will 1-2 hit you depending but are easily blocked or avoided.

  10. Dude.. from looking at your profile it seems you haven't haven gotten your beginner gains.

  11. So basically you gained a lot of money. Then, bought the same or identical securities and lost all gains but because you held them past 2021 your fucked?

  12. You don't. Just play the 15 minute chart with Maxed out indicators. Know simple patterns. And take your small % gains.

  13. Get a financial advisor or lose it by listening to us.

  14. You'll never be satisfied as a trader. Follow your plan o matter how much it burns your soul.

  15. Nta. Sounds like a very unempathetic partner you have here. Also very childish.

  16. This idea just shows where your at with your experience trading options.

  17. I've blown up 5 accounts or so. I'm up 11k over all on options.

  18. Biden needs to cancel student debt and deschedule marijuana by executive order. Instead, he keeps going on about how we need to significantly increase funding for the police. What a fucking joke.

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