1. Prolly a neighborhood full of bad kids and one dad came up w a way to keep them in line. “I’ll feed you to the crazy down the road if you don’t eat your meat. How could you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?”

  2. The pineapple might give you issues due to acidity

  3. Sounds really good tbh, let us know how it turns out!

  4. 😬 its gonna be harsh after only a month. Normally I'd give mine 3 months before I even bottle it and then let it age for 6 more months.

  5. Fair enough. I was thinking about splitting it because my wife really wants to try it in late December, half to let age, half to try. Next batch is going to make a basic mead and age it throughout the year.

  6. You could always just keep it in the carboy and pour some off the top to try🤷‍♂️. It just takes a while for the acetylaldehyde to dissipate, so it gives it that green apple esque harsh flavor.

  7. I guess it depends on what the sludge looks like and what the recipe. Pics would definitely help

  8. You could buy a half gal carboy and rack it into that

  9. That's all I needed to hear! Gonna send Zygarde to the Shadow Realm 😎 thanks for your valuable insight and knowledge!

  10. When I asked at Misbehaving meads when I stopped there. They said to back sweeten with the honey you made the mead with. I’m no expert, just what a bigger mead maker told me.

  11. Not mead, but Misvehavings best thing is the spiced caramel apple cider. Their mead is too inconsistent because they rotate inventory almost every 2 weeks. Still a solid place though

  12. First you need to also add some k-sorb, k-meta alone will not prevent refermentation after back sweetening, more details in the wiki

  13. Yes it's likely fermenting yeast or oxygen bubbling from the honey assuming you shook it. I would suggest the wiki, it has tons of great info for starters

  14. It will dilute your mead and theres always a chance of contamination.

  15. 2kgs of honey, 4 pallets of raspberries, 20grams of blue lotus, Eight Jasmine green tea bags, peel of one lemon ,200g of sugar, spoon full of brewers yeast, 10grams of yeast nutrients, 1 Camden tablet

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