1. Had a horrible experience with prickly pear. I know it was contamination in a set up (several had the same thing happen that year and I identified the culprit) I just can’t shake the tasting memory. It’s like a “puked from that liquor” memory lol.

  2. Did it have an odd flavor/smell or anything to look out for?

  3. Not from the fruit, but a brew bucket that was more pitted than I realized. I also enjoyed the rose water taste I got from processing the cactus originally, however. I hope it works on for you!

  4. Oh gotcha. I thought it was something to do with the fruit itself having issues. Thanks!

  5. What about Belay?? It sounds like Forrest Gump saying Billy

  6. I ran into an old GF in a college bar. Things went as things do sometimes and she stayed the weekend at my place and had some marathon sessions. I was cold ghosted after that and found out that she was engaged and her wedding was the next weekend.

  7. This question does not make sense to me. It often takes a long time to clear but I rack basically as soon as it is clear. Sometimes even before.

  8. Eh! Nothing wrong with swing tops for shorter term use in my opinion. More importantly, did ya sneak a wee taste and give us deets!

  9. How long would you recommend storing in swingtops?

  10. Sap House Meadery in VT makes a really good Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Mead and they apparently steep it on oats. It tastes absolutely delicious so I imagine this could be too.

  11. Is it a seasonal? I just checked out their website and I couldnt find it. I've kicked around the idea of making an oatmeal raisin cookie mead or beer for a minute, but havent tried one.

  12. Dude, that sounds pretty freaking good. How much tea did you add to the brew?

  13. I did 4 teabags and boiled it for the duration on the bag (I wanna say it was like 5 or 6 min. Really it was more so to the point where it tasted like the tea more than the time duration) and the yarrow was about as long, I wanted that grassy earthy flavor from that. It ended up smelling like a spring garden.

  14. Just the 17$ walmart honey. I'm going to backsweeten with either clover, wild flower, or orange blossom though. Just depends which one compliments it better.

  15. Gorgeous clarity, how long did it take to age? Also, how did you make the labels?

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