1. Accountant at a lumber mill. $90k salary and $18k bonus

  2. Yes u have to wait until ur enrolled in classes. Because if u dont and already applied for osap and dont get into ur classes it screws up ir application

  3. You will qualify for pt Osap but tbh I would avoid. Part time Osap is a b*tch for a lack of a better word.

  4. Hey could you refresh the link it shows an error message when I click it

  5. This is true, there are so many "Gender Inclusivity" signs I see around campus telling me to respect people who identify as "ZHEY/ZER." wtf is a ZHEY?

  6. many people say that OSAP doesn't give them nearly close to the amount to pay for residence..?

  7. I think it depends on each person. I come from a single parent family so I can understand not knowing how to pay for it.

  8. So then how did you pay for tuition + residence?

  9. what do you mean by you're not able to handle yourself independently?

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