1. Happy birthday Handong. My birthday is on the 25th of march but i always forget that we celebrate it at the same time

  2. Random question: what was that dish that yooheon and them ate and said it was very good? Sound something like nammtha

  3. What was the dish that yoohyeon told us to eat? I'm passing by korean town so i might stop by for that.

  4. I was at an Ateez concert a few days ago, fans (70/80% women i'd say) were barking at them, it's not a gender thing

  5. Yeah i was at a txt conert and everyone was barking at the end. Yeonjin loved it

  6. Blizzard is a super wizard in blimp but I recommend 2 super archer 2 super wizards in a blimp

  7. I understand i have done it a few times before. Or i tried.

  8. Do you know about the blizzard hydra army I can guide you for an easy triple just reply me back

  9. I'm having problems buying a ticket on ticket master. It gives me an error 54113 and gives me a blank white screen when i press the buy. Why? It just doesnt load.

  10. i had a hard time w this one the other night too lol it’s in that room on the third picture, look up - it’s on the wall above a light source

  11. Does the deathmatch spear attack passive increase the attack you get on hutao after she uses her skill?

  12. How much more dmg does scara get from his arrow passive?

  13. Its similar damage to not dodge and keep attacking. But if you need to drive other characters, then just dodge whem you need to.

  14. When I wish on the weapon banner and i dont get the weapon, i get one fate point. Will the fate point carry over to the next weapon banner?

  15. At first it 1.5 year now at this pace we around 1.2 year behind

  16. So do we already know what will happen in the next year? Is the news about the new alpha on cn servers or global servers?

  17. Ahhhhhhhh that sucks. So we just already know what is in store of the next year?

  18. Newer player here: What should i be doing every day and week to get the most materials and black card we can? Ive been doing dailes, pain, warzone, and events.

  19. What happens when you swap a hypertuned resonace? Does the new one get hypertuned also or does it turn back to normal?

  20. I just came back to pgr and was wondering how strong is lucia plume. Some say she is the most broken bursty character and some say she is ok. Would u say she is broken?

  21. How can you be a th13 and have not figured out yet that you can’t always do all of the clan games tasks? Is this your first time ever taking part?

  22. I picked up my dad's old account, so yes this is my first time.

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