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  1. How do you guys figure out why it was delayed? Mine just says the.mew date and gives no reasons at all. I have a feeling this is going to get out of hand and end up with a month delay which I will be absolutely pissed about

  2. Ok. Post sale- no real issues. I had to complain a lot but I was able to get my compensation checks sent overnight. I have to get a few items taken care of like a missing key but that’s all that is left.

  3. What was the process like changing vehicles? I'm debating om doing this myself. Do you have to start the entire process over or how did that go? Also how did you go about it with your insurance was that process smooth?

  4. I can't play warzone with the new caldera mode on Xbox. Can only play resurgence games none of the other modes will load. They set like they're starting my match and then right back to the load screen. Shits crazy lots of xbox players can't even load season two and I'm on the series x

  5. If only, there was an extremely unbiased arbitrary method to automating the process of district drawing.... Maybe something a computer could do... Using a predefined fair algorithm? lol

  6. I have no issue with needing to outline where districts lay for locality reasons, but for the presidential vote or popular vote shouldn't matter at all. Our voting process is so ridiculous and tainted on either side! Tally the votes and count them doesn't matter where you live to vote for a senator in your state let alone the president. The electoral college is the most ridiculous thing ever imo

  7. Do we need these maps done before the election this year?

  8. Pretty sure they remap every 2 or 4 years which is ridiculous. It's to make getting their votes easier. It should just be tallied voted period. No made up imaginary lines, total popular voted counted period

  9. Well see...I only have 300$ into it so don't really care either way I collect shit coins

  10. Time will tell. I believe. The developers have delivered over and over again. Why are you trying to undermine the project is the better question?

  11. If you cant look at the website alone and tell its a sham I feel for you. No real announcement dates just broad information, no consistency at all. I'm going to bet the alpha never gets released and the wallet address is a funding machine for someone personal pocket just my opinion good luck...I have some but not a lot just for shits and giggles because I like shitcoins

  12. Prob start by not pumping the wrong metadoge for starters wrong logo fake coin here

  13. What makes this one the wrong one? Because you aren't invested ? Or is it something else? Why can't there be 2? Who was first?

  14. Check coin gecko and you'll see this one Def came after the real metadoge look at the marketcaps...Or go to coinbase it's there slso when they went live

  15. This isn't the real metadoge go to coingecko and look at the market caps...This logo is not the one you want you've been duped

  16. Can someone tell me the difference form this metadoge to the other metadoge please.. Ps I did buy this coin

  17. This is the shit fake one but for whatever reason the only one you can buy om Coinbase wallet have to go to L2 uniswap to get the real metadoge this is the scam logo

  18. Can tell by the color right away it's mid.. BOTANIST is only processor who formulates it correctly shouldn't be a oranges brown tint for true rso that dark motor oil is what Rick.Simpson made js no hate

  19. I’ve had the botanist too and the effects of this one are very very similar

  20. This article is meant as a marketing piece as Republicans in Ohio are desperately trying to restore thier image while they clean up the mess they made, after years of neglecting ODFJS, in preparation for 2022 elections, so people will keep voting for them.

  21. Willy Wonka and his oompha Loompas give no fuxks about that 3k let alone ohioans votes over lives is their motto

  22. Just smoke some crack at that point dude lol why are you doing that much fucking nicotine?

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