1. No!!!!! A Wilson mag that doesn’t live up to the hype thrust upon it?😂😂😂😂😂. Yup, I’ve had three, won’t waste money on any more. Mec Gars work just fine, never had a problem and half the price. To each his own.

  2. Might look and make sure the top round isn’t hitting the bottom of the ejector, that would force the nose of the bullet up for sure. Might have to file some to get the clearance you need if it’s touching at all.

  3. ITs better but after market support is ass, you are fucked if parts break

  4. Depends on part, Numerich Carrie’s what is probably all the spare parts available pretty much. Decent selection to but probably bought out CZ. Hell, CZ hardly Carrie’s shit for the Bren 2Ms as it is.

  5. Great builder, very knowledgeable. Problem is he’s an arrogant fuk.

  6. I live in washington. I would not be able to replace my magazines with the new magazine restrictions. Thanks for the warning.

  7. Just go to Idaho. Where there’s a will there’s a way, fuk the Bull mag ban. Got friends in other states? Done deal.

  8. Those Hand guards are nice but I can’t get myself to spend $300 on them, just can’t do it. If those are the ones I’m thinking about.

  9. Maybe use your own mind and actually buy something you want for a change. Why do others need to make your decisions for you?

  10. I bought a Wilson one piece and it’s about an 1/8” too long to be able to twist the bushing off. Filed it down so itd work. Just remove your whole slide straight off the front of the frame , put your hand around spring so it doesn’t shoot out.

  11. If I also buy these lowers, aside from a jig and power tools, what else do I need?? I just need to mill them, coat them and put them together? I ask because I've never build from an aluminum lower before so the more info I can get the better

  12. Nice, I want a 2S so badly

  13. One for sale on gunbroker. Last page out of ten pages in the brens for sale. $3900 plus

  14. Are you using it on an 80% lower? Sometimes the fcg isn’t milled out enough and the lower pivot point for the hammer makes contact with the inside of the lower. In turn, the hammer just rides the bcg, feels gritty, and does t make its way back. But you’re saying it doesn’t reset, which has got me scratching my head. Can you force it forward?

  15. Glad you posted this, my bolt carrier was getting stuck because of the front of trigger hitting the receiver, grinded the receiver pocket to make room, works great now.

  16. Supposed to cover it. Otherwise your sear pin could back out. Internet is an amazing place place for info.

  17. A lot of people like Wilson Combat mags in their 1911s. So a Wilson Combat 1911 8 round mag should work. Most 1911s are built to the same standards and all parts theoretically should be interchangeable.

  18. Except when they don’t as in two I wasted money on. No more for me. Mec Gars have never given me a problem and cost half, why pay more if you don’t need to? The game continues 😂😂

  19. I am currently living in Bulgaria but can’t buy a rifle. Biggest cock tease ever

  20. That definitely sucks, sorry to hear that. Need to come here to America and enjoy yourself!!!

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