1. "I want to work in England but I wouldn't just go to any team."

  2. "I like players with my characteristics, meaning, physical midfielders. I was impressed by Loftus-Cheek in training. I also like Federico Valverde."

  3. "I waited for football to start in Ukraine and it did but it was barely getting by. I returned to Italy and had many good offers but I did not feel like it. I accepted Brighton because I'd already studied them before and they resembled me the most in terms of character. My meeting with them took 5 hours."

  4. "Deschamps wants me to be the unifier, to be the link between the old and the new generation as the captain."

  5. "He will only leave for the release clause." (€40m)

  6. "Sandro Tonali has more technique than me, he is a more complete player."

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