1. Episode 1 was pretty solid, you can already see the improvements in details and frame rate. Camera shots pretty cinematic, immersive soundtrack...

  2. Its not a new series its just a touch up of the movies no?

  3. Some good guys did win but it is very very rare. Like the allied powers winning against nazi Germany is a good guy triumph moment.

  4. He wouldn’t feel even this amount of remorse since he didn’t do anything wrong

  5. Tell me again why am I supposed to be rooting for Skeleton-Hitler?

  6. I've actually seen "best of n-word" comps with blackface in the thumbnails show up on my home page. Some fans tend to be pretty fucking sus

  7. Ainz also can defeat anyone but he doesn't go around showing his squeleton skull when he is acting has the black hero does he?

  8. Honestly the last two seasons have been slow as shit. Then what you just add a flying mech with a guass rifle? In a world where everyone's on horse and carriage, with basic medieval technology and no one bats an eye? Makes it hard to keep watching.

  9. !!!! Critical thinking??? From my protagonist? What?!!?

  10. I'm calling it now, Beth and her clone are gonna become an item. When she said her outfit was cute and then that line went nowhere, the writers were setting something up.

  11. How do you get things in the image infront of the clock?

  12. Not really but I also wouldn’t trust them since they just betrayed the king they were supposed to serve

  13. (It was the ai that introduced this topic) Just let's say it is related to ai dungeon filter Dillema.

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