1. He actually has potential but he's way too corny and gimmicky for my tastes and that will always hold him back unfortunately.

  2. You can cuss me out, tell me where they are and how much you hit them for, then call me a slur or two, and I’ll still respect you more than the guy who’s quiet.

  3. Eminem has a great skill set and no one will ever take that away from him. He's the GOAT, period. But even Eminem admits that being white has helped him in a lot of regards.

  4. These men are in love with each other. Imagine spending so much money and resources to make music videos and songs about someone. Even R. Kelly didn't sing so passionately about under aged girls

  5. Ok just delete it than, don’t give me unnecessary paragraphs full of bs

  6. Im not, don’t make me spam you untill you delete that comment

  7. Yes, it was but I re-posted it. I was glad to get upvotes on it but I just get bummed out when people show they like it but don't discuss. I like seeing discussions more than upvotes tbh

  8. I see, fair enough. As for my answer, I'd give the duo 8/10. My lore banks for MK are pretty low bc my memory is ass but I'm fairly sure they both have super human strength/speed and Scorpions teleport should almost be an automatic win so the only difficulty will be finding Batman without him figuring the situation out.

  9. Y'all don't realize how powerful you would be if you controlled insects.

  10. My actual grandmother would rather I take the money but this is a tough choice. I'm rather close with her but then again 90 is rather old. It would purely depend on how I'm feeling in the moment and how she feels about it

  11. I ain't get to roll no weed, I ain't get to roll no Swishers

  12. Gabi from Attack on Titan. This is just a pure bias statement. I hate her.

  13. If fucking multiple women at once is gay than what kind of fairy does that make you?

  14. If you choose anything except Robot I can only assume you have some sort of STD irl

  15. Great for good vibes and chillin. Not really a rap album but decent music overall.

  16. Who cares? In 2023 most people are gonna have to accept that your favourite rapper caps.

  17. It's just a question gang. I listen to Drake still knowing he caps. Not saying it's a bad thing, just something to talk about

  18. Calling it ‘worst’ implies you think it’s bad.

  19. No, it implies who is at the bottom of that list. Some people think a rapper actually being what they rap about is bad. It's not that deep my guy, it's just a question

  20. I'm kinda bummed I got some upvotes but no actual discussion on this except for 2 people. I may repost later in the future because this is a very interesting question to me

  21. Y’all “old rap” fans are the worst lmfao. No wonder why no one takes y’all seriously😂

  22. Not even close. And this is coming from someone that likes Dicky more than Harlow.

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