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  1. Aqua is a very quality product and if you switch to water washable resin I think you will be very disappointed with the change in, primarily, the durability of prints.

  2. Turn on "light off delay" 1 second per normal layer. 40s per burn in layer.

  3. I agree with what the other person said about printing directly to the plate, I also agree with what was said about bottom exposure time being high. A good rule of thumb for bottom exposure time is 10X normal layer exposure time. So if the normal layer is 3s, the bottom exposure is likely around 30s.

  4. 1.) You can use other's settings as a starting point, but you are correct that even for the same printer/resin, there may be differences in settings. Part of this is due to minor variations due to manufacturing. Another is due to temperature - warmer resin is more fluid, and will have lower exposure times.

  5. My FDM printer sat quiet too when I got my resin printer until I started using my FDM printer for terrain. Now I have both printers going constantly.

  6. I have a resin printer and was thinking about getting an fdm for terrain. What fdm do you have?

  7. I have a Mars 3 printer, and looked up the build area of the ender 3, and it didn't seem like it was much larger than that of the Mars 3, is that true or did I misinterpret the dimensions?

  8. Just scrub with a toothbrush while whatever object your cleaning is submerged. Unfortunately a wash and cure station doesn't always remove the need for manual scrubbing.

  9. Loot studios? I have that one ready to go but havent painted it yet. Kinda intimidate by it haha

  10. Yes! It's an awesome model. It's not too bad! I've printed it twice now with no issues

  11. Seems fine to me, I think the primary function of a post-wash is to clear liquid resin from details, but since you're using clear resin and sounds like you would be filling those details anyway if you apply another layer of resin.

  12. I will definitely try that. Clear coat as in nail polish clear coat or something such of polyurethane?

  13. Something like Crystal Clear from Krylon. But really what I mean is that applying a glossy surface by using any method should work, including other types of varnish.

  14. It's a fine printer, but I would switch to the comparable Elegoo model (Mars 2 or 3) as Elegoo has better customer service.

  15. I’ve honestly never had any issues with ANYCUBIC customer service. They’ve always helped me when I need it. Sucks that you may have had a different experience though.

  16. Nope! Never had Anycubic, I passed that along as secondhand info, glad to hear that your experience is good.

  17. Now you guys who didn't read my comment before will never know why I got 6.9k🗿 upvotes on this comment !

  18. Why am I bothering with a flexplate then??

  19. It may not be that it is not all that you had hoped for. There are other advantages, but I understand your frustration, as I also experienced the disappointment of having the flex plate live up to what it has promised.

  20. Standard bases for 32mm are 1.26in. Loot has 1 inch bases and tend to run a little small even though they are 32mm. So I increase size by 26%

  21. I don't use a spacer for my flex plate, but in order to do that, I level the bed in "reverse". I do this to utilize the extra space you described.

  22. Don’t they have a patreon too? I think I’ve seen it somewhere

  23. They have a myminifactory, but no Tribes, only a store, and it seems like it's inactive to me.

  24. Is mz4250 good? I’ve only seen his work digitally. Haven’t printed any yet.

  25. I'm not sure why you mean by "good". But, yes, I would call them good. They are also abundant, he has sculpted every creature in the monster manual and more.

  26. Started in June! Youtube zbrush tutorials kept me company every dinner since

  27. How intuitive is Zbrush? I've been using blender and I feel like everything I do is a learned technical action.

  28. I’m not a huge Tom cruise fan in general, but his is incredibly accomplished and he seems genuinely humbled here. He is clearly impressed by Seth. It is cool to watch. Obviously Seth is quite accomplished too, but I think he can get written off because of the “potty humor.” It’s great to see his talent really shine, in a moment where he is envied by such other great talents. I’m sure that was empowering and validating for him.

  29. I also don't like Tom that much but his Donald Duck impression made him so much more personable

  30. If you can provide a citation for "It's not recommended even to handle cured resin with ungloved hands" I'd be very interested to see it, because I have never heard that.

  31. Maybe there's a miscommunication here, but doesn't the fact that Blu has a special certification for external skin contact directly imply that it is not suggested for uncertified resins?

  32. Except with food safe they don't state they are food safe "if and only if." In the case of this resin they require it to be baked in the oven for 20 minutes and then cured under uv light for 20 minutes which is absolutely absurd.

  33. You can actually do what your asking. The method the other poster suggests is preferred, but there's nothing stopping you from overlapping pieces. That said, it might be frustrating. You may not be able to auto support as supports may not worry about colliding with other objects. If a models has a male and female join method, you have to be sure there is no gap inside, which can be difficult to see, as otherwise liquid resin will get trapped. But theoretically possible.

  34. Mostly subscriptions, I've seen some Elden ring at, which is subcscription based . I've also seen related things from You can also search free websites like Thingiverse (free) or Myminifactory(free and paid) and try to find artists that you like there.

  35. If you are new to printing, it's possible that you have pressed z=0 without really knowing what it does.

  36. I did the paper thing and moved it up a 1/10th of a milimeter then set it as my home

  37. This is probably obvious, but does quick draft: Baldur's Gate have any special rules? Can you use a commander or are effects that refer to a commander useless? Any other special rules?

  38. Anything referring to a commander won't apply. There's no commanders, as it's not a Brawl (or EDH) format. The only special rules compared to constructed are that you make a 40 card deck getting any basic lands you want for free, you can play more than 4 of a card in your deck if you happen to draft that many, and any cards you draft not in your deck function as your sideboard.

  39. I'm surprised the other poster didn't mention, but if you want 3d sculpting tools that have a high skill cap but are very powerful - Zbrush (paid subscription) or Blender (Free, open source) are very powerful software, both with use in the professional industry.

  40. Glad my post was informative! I'll leave a lot of my miniatures in zenithal painted state, I like the aesthetic of them, very dramatic. You can also mix up highlight/base coat colors for some variation!

  41. I've been meaning to try this technique. Does it make a noticeable difference when painting?

  42. I have no idea! I'm too scared to paint minis past the zenithal stage...

  43. Anyone else just use lychee auto supports and call it a day? Very quick to orient manually, auto support, auto support islands, slice. There’s minimal marking with a hot water bath and after a wash and prime they are invisible. Maybe my standards are just lower. I only print 26mm miniatures though, so tiny.

  44. I try to put in slightly more effort and work my way through island detection before generating auto supports

  45. Hello, I'm new to resin printing and changed my resin from the normal grey resin to the abs like grey resin, it seems that my supports are not sticking well to them self, and are very wobbly.

  46. If you haven't adjusted you exposure times. Elegoo Abs usually requires more exposure time than the standard. Have you run a calibration test after changing resin? That should be done every time you switch products.

  47. I thought you were right on the money and checked the official Elegoo spreadsheet but it turns out they recommend 35s & 2.5s for both standard grey and ABS-like grey with the Mars 3 Pro.

  48. Yea, I consider listed printer settings to be a good starting place, but good calibration tools are the only thing that's going to give the real exposure times. If you search for Elegoo abs within the subreddit, one of the biggest complaints is the long exposure times, so I'm surprised to hear that the times are listed as identical on the Elegoo website.

  49. Water washable is usually lower odor by default. Elegoo water washable will be lower odor than the standard. The only one I can attest to is Ministry of Resin, which had a faint, almost pleasant odor. I switched brands because I felt that if the resin smelled worse I would be more inclined to use respiratory protection.

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