1. As someone who has had an eating disorder and body dysmorphia I am still team Cole here. He was just saying don’t fill up on oranges when we’re about to go to a nice dinner. Having reservations infers they’re about to have a large experience dinner so don’t ruin it by filling up on fruit.

  2. I don’t know if you have triggers talking about food quantities or nutrition info, so feel free to ignore this if you need to.

  3. Calories and volume are completely different. You can fill up on water which had essentially zero calories. When it comes to proximity to the meal volume maters more than calories.

  4. Right! Colleen’s body language during the reunion is alarming. There’s def something happening behind the scenes.

  5. So is his - he is so leaning in and over so aggressively it's unmistakable. it's not endearingly close, it's intimidatingly close.

  6. Yesss! I feel like it’s being glossed over. He’s wrapped around her/over her and she’s closing in on herself. As some who has been there, it means something

  7. Cole looks so rough. He also looks out of it most of the reunion. He’s either had a rough few weeks or he’s drunk/ on something. Concerning none the less.

  8. If it helps I’ve gotten both mascaras and I LOVE the IL MAKIAGE and the better than sex was a big disappointment for me. I would request a refund for any add ons you didn’t go though.

  9. Same for me and mine comes from the same place. It finically updated today. Says I should have it tomorrow.

  10. I have two of the quads. I picked a second in a different colors months later because I loved the first so much. These are the go to that I keep in my bag for quick and pretty work makeup.

  11. If you cancel you won’t get it and you’ll lose all your points. I’d just cash them all in and get the October bag. And then cancel. The 1800 point time should be up mid month.

  12. Thank you. So new things are released mid month ? The options now are not great.

  13. Idk why that posted so many times lol. But they will add a 1800 point items and maybe one more. Not much more

  14. But like I haven’t even got this point redemption delivered yet 😅 it’s coming WITH this bag. I wouldn’t complain if I had received it prior how would they catch that. But it’s literally going to be shipped with the bag lol

  15. I think it sucks regardless. Items should go as points as a last option. Like if they had too many left over from pervious months choices. Not the other way around.

  16. I got the face roller in points a while back and was initially disappointed because it was plastic. But it’s held up great and I love it. I use it regularly on my jaw line because I have TMJ. It def helps to relax face muscles

  17. I’ve had the Kylie face wash for over a year and mine is still clear. I did not get it from Ipsy though. It’s honestly meh though.

  18. To be fair the heat brush was a huge let down. It’s something you would buy a tween for $15 at TJ Max.

  19. May/June we’re my slowest bags. I got the June bag in July. Before that mine were mostly mid month. July and August seem to be back to normal. Not in Hawaii though.

  20. Desaturating greens currently. Greens can be amazing. Overly orange people is popular in my area. And goes hand in hand with desaturated green. 🤢 Turning clarity and texture way down in boudoir instead of frequency separation. It makes it look cartoon like.

  21. Super fast! I live in NJ and mine has already been in transit for a few days and says it’ll be arriving on the 10th! And I ordered both GBP & GBX ! So I’m super excited ! Happy for you 👏🏼❣️

  22. My estimated was the 13th but it showed up early. Hopefully yours does too. I’ve never gotten one this soon

  23. Starting to see the bags trickle in and mine hasn’t even shipped yet. I know it takes longer to ship if you order extra items and both of my bags this month have add-ons but it would be great if I at least got a shipping notice.

  24. Nothing towards you but I find it so annoying that they didn’t have enough May bags for me to get one but now they have enough for mystery bags.

  25. Nope, and no points redemption, and I had placed my order like two minutes after Choice went live, so I'm not surprised that they've already got it queued up; they're going to process the easiest and earliest orders first. Just curious to see how long it will be before they actually pack it up and drop it in the mail.

  26. I had 6 points items and no add ons and got the same email at 1 am EST time today. I think it’s random at this point. This is the earliest I’ve ever gotten the shipping email though. And the most extra items I’ve gotten

  27. This foundation was in add-ons That’s why you probably cannot see it

  28. It wasn’t in add ons for me. I looked closely because I was really hoping for foundation this month.

  29. Which tier are you? I wonder if it’s related somehow

  30. Very similar to me and also how I felt. IPSY chose the mascara (I’m happy with) and a blush that looks skin colored. Then I had similar choices and went with the dr. Z, plumper, and the last category I picked the fluids lip set I’ll give away. Very meh.

  31. That’s a really great bag! I’m hoping for the eye shadow. But my bag isn’t showing yet.

  32. I also got the “blush” picked for me. And I’m super unhappy about it. It looks flesh colored.

  33. I know right? :( Maybe it will surprise us. I definitely did not need another cleanser either.

  34. Same. They picked mascara for me and then I had mascara options. And I had a lot of lip products with us something I rarely use. Not my favorite bag. I was hoping for a foundation.

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