1. I don't think there is a counterpart to every real life region yet. I would say the eastern continent would be a great opportunity for such a region as nilahs home seems to draw inspiration from india.

  2. Cell phones...brilliant pun

  3. I don't get it who is referred to as cell phones?

  4. Which is a real shame because I do think they are among the best games in the series.

  5. Habe 3, 2 davon hab ich erst vor kurzem im selben Gebiet gefunden. Werde denk ich den Dex heute oder morgen auch abschließen, dann geht die shinyjagd los!

  6. There is a line though. The more recent humanoids have added more and more human features

  7. I beg to differ. Jynx is in my opinion the most humanoid pokemon there is. It is literally a cartoon human with purple skin.

  8. Which is why it and Mr. Mime were always two of the most hated pokémon.

  9. It means that humanoid Pokemon are nothing new though.

  10. Yes, I can see some parallels between Kaidou vs. all Scabbards and a possible fight of Luffy vs. CP 0 + the Seraphs + Sentoumaru.

  11. It was said that the scabbards didn't fully recover after their fight with Kaido on the roof, so Kaido smashing Kinemon wasn't really a oneshot (also I'd say Kinemon might have been one of the weaker scabbards).

  12. Because he managed to beat Kaido after Kaido fought nonstop against the scabbards, took most of the hits in the 5v2, fought yamato and chased after momo, all while he was carrying an island? They outright said that Kaido started to become exhausted.

  13. I'm in a similar boat. Some people suggested I might be able to cheat the system if I get tomorrows quest rewards without finishing a run, so I'll try that.

  14. I'm back sorry I messed up the code ingame, now i put in the correct one.

  15. Look at it from this POV: If you waited for 2 days and opened it just to get 8 shards, wouldn't you have missed another 8 shards (4 shards each day) which you could have collected?

  16. I'd actually miss out on only 4 shards. I already got the ones from today and the update will go live on wednesday, so I'd only miss tuesday.

  17. People really need to understand that there are likely a bunch of unimportant power houses in the op World.

  18. So you're able to predict the future, but those saying Luffy will one-shot Lucci aren't?

  19. It is more the attitude of a lot of people who think Lucci is going to be oneshot. A lot of them say it wouldn't make sense for Lucci to take more than a single hit and act like every other possible outcome is stupid

  20. Man I was so disappointed when I found out that iron moth was another volcarona variant.

  21. That was the entire point, they are supposedly fake, never existing Mons that aren't actually from the past

  22. That might be the current theory, but we ultimately don't know if that is true.

  23. Aren't all future paradox cyborgs? They eat and sleep and stuff lol

  24. They are implied to be cyborgs but they don't look like cyborgs, they look more like robots.

  25. I have some left so feel free to ping me whenever you're able to trade :)

  26. Great Code is 1236 6980, my IGN is Lore

  27. I’ll always say that Pawmo is the main problem. I feel like Pawmi could have evolved into Pawmot and have been just fine. Pawmot’s cute. It works fine as a cuter, squished end for the line. But Pawmo is so similar to Pawmot that it feels redundant.

  28. Honestly I'm sure Pawmo is a joke by the developers. The differences are just so incredibly tiny.

  29. It reminds me of cute and fluffy super Saiyan stages

  30. For real when I saw Pawmots hair I immediately thought of Son-Gohan as a teenage SSJ.

  31. I do like it that the ones we got make indeed more sense as a convergent pokemon than a regional form. I mean: Diglett is a mole

  32. Could also be a case similar to orthworm who just naturally looks robotic, but isn't a real robot. They might also be hightech cyborgs

  33. If there is one left I'd take one, preferably one with unaware:

  34. Hi I could trade you a Fast Ball HA Pawmi if you are interested

  35. It honestly doesn’t for me. Without lvl scaling I can challenge myself to try stuff to actually make something hard.

  36. I'd say in an optimal case we could have the best of both worlds.

  37. What if you want to fight the stronger trainers first so that the other trainers are weaker

  38. If you go out of your way to pick a fight with the stronger ones first, then I doubt you'd want to make the other fights easier.

  39. You still have any left? I could offer a Fast Ball HA Pawmi.

  40. I’m currently trading, but afterwards I can do this (yes both touch trades too)

  41. Sounds good just send me a link code when you are ready :)

  42. I still need stonjourner, Slither Wing, and Oranguru. We’ll trade 3 for 3 and then touch trade the last 2

  43. Ok I'd be ready to trade again for the next ~15 hours.

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