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  1. I once phased a water bottle through a wall and into the other room (the door was closed), it was still moving on the ground when I went into said room.

  2. It is pronounced sher-bet NOT sher-bert. THERE IS NO SECOND R!!! stop adding the second R.

  3. People who say “I could care less” are absolute idiots.

  4. People getting mad at kids for not being able to do something an adult can. It's almost like kids don't pop out of the womb with all the knowledge of the world. And I'm not talking about annoyed. I've seen adults throw fucking tantrums at a kid not being able to do something that a kid wouldn't be able to do.

  5. It is an answer. An answer that a kid would give. Because they're a child with limited world experience. Use google, you boomers, not a baby.

  6. Exactly. Even as an adult it's alright to admit you don't know something. I don't know how to do rocket science. If you ask me about an equation and I answer 'I don't know', don't expect me to magically know how to do it

  7. When I started to actually show how horrible my mental health was. I was expected to be the "clown friend" in a friend group. Meaning I should always be joking and happy even in serious times and playing dumb. It's not how I wanted to be known but it seemed like it was the only way for me to make friends. The pressure of this, plus other things I was dealing with became too much for me to handle so I started taking about how I was feeling and how I was starting to have an identity crisis. Since I stopped playing dumb and being obnoxious I became "too boring" to hang out with. I had a few who stuck around and eventually the few and I became more open to each other about mental health.

  8. It's so startling when that happens, I'm very used to it as well and just got out of a friend group that would do this constantly. (my parents do it as well and it's infuriating)

  9. I worked in a facility for kids with ADHS. And while some had to take meds, we were able to reduce their needed dose substantially by creating with them a a positive leisure time.

  10. doesn't mean that they will instantly be able to focus because they just had pent up energy. That's not how ADHD works my guy

  11. That’s exactly how it works. Your mind is just all over the place and there are strategies to give yourself more control over it.

  12. Have you read any actual research and studies on the disorder? Yes there are strategies but it's not a cure-all. The brain is literally structurally different than neurotypicals, it isn't just pent-up energy. Those with ADHD typically have problems with executive function, emotional regulation, attention regulation yes and energy, and not out of choice. We usually can't choose what to focus on and using exhaustion as a mechanism for focusing really sounds counterproductive and even maladaptive.

  13. That must be some extreme make-up, even the eyes look like a painting rather than a cosplay

  14. Given how big they are, I'm guessing Photoshop was used in this recreation. But her makeup skills are incredible regardless.

  15. I have sleep paralysis quite often. I usually have auditory hallucinations but have experienced the full visual demon one time. I tend to hear footsteps or what sounds like cupboards being opened and slammed shut. But the visual hallucination fucked me up for weeks. I felt traumatized.

  16. "Jack of all trades and a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one."

  17. I always thought it was a compliment of sorts as well. Or at least not an insult.

  18. Exactly, in a lot of situations it helps to have a wide variety of knowledge that can help give a new perspective, a different one rather than the one that can be offered by a master of a single thing

  19. We made planes. We went to the moon. We didn’t sprout wings, we made them out of metal.

  20. but I want to be able to sprout wings out of my back and be able to follow the dreams that died when I was a kid because I was unable to follow those passions due to shortcomings I am unable to overcome. This line is a toxic mindset encouraging that if you can't do it you are just lazy when oftentimes someone is physically unable to do something.

  21. Crying whenever something went wrong for me, hiding in places like a chest, a closet, under my desk or even under my bed or my blanket, or being angry because of insignificant things that would triggered me hard. Had a really hard time managing my emotions, still struggle today.

  22. Man I have the same thing, I've been struggling with it my entire life and it turns out it is very common with those who have ADHD, which I only recently discovered I had. It's super embarrassing especially when it happens in academic and work situations, and gets me even more frustrated when it happens and it becomes a feedback loop.

  23. oh my gosh, when I was first starting music my teacher asked me what I thought the DC in DC al fine meant

  24. I was on the more hyperactive side when I was a kid, in public on the outside I seemed chill, if a little pushy, but when I was with my friends on the computer you would think I was some sort of insane speed demon.

  25. "Oh there she goes putting on the waterworks because she isn't getting what she wants!" Bonus points if the kids in your grade school classes make it a game to see who will get to make you cry first because it's too easy.

  26. Not telling your child they're autistic (or really any other diagnosis that can be "hidden).

  27. This was me with my ADHD, I didn't find out until I was in college that even most of my family had it. I always knew something wasn't right, despite performing well in school. I always felt stupid and wrong because hardly anyone liked to be around me, and some subjects I just never understood (more on the hyperactive side, it slowly switched to inattentive in college).

  28. "I consider you a close friend!" -Continues to treat you as an acquaintance around other friends/people, mostly by ignoring and throwing you out of conversations-

  29. Felt this, literally here with that 2 am depression. Also weird rustling in the walls... Hear hear~

  30. A pastor teaching about his absolute grace and glory, the Flying Spaghetti Monster

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