1. I get every drop in me with intramuscular rigs, never any left over in the syringe.

  2. I have been doing drywall tops in commercial space to decking and I removed that depth stop the first day. Especially doing fire rated double layer.

  3. I’m in 327. First year apprentice doing tenant fitouts and base building in Boston. Is it New England finish? If you message me I can tell you what I make as a 1st year and the deductions and stuff.

  4. I currently work for New England Finish. And first year rate should be around $660-670 after a 40hr week as a single filer claiming 0 dependents in MA. Tax rates plus other deductions add up to around 31.5% some of which we obviously get back in December (vacation check) and early next year during tax filing

  5. Very accurate response. I’m on a job with New England right now in Harrison have. We’ve been using each others metal.

  6. You know the person responding to your comment is not the op right?

  7. How does this work? You can see him breaking numerous times with no horn going off? Cmon now people.

  8. I work in a construction union in Boston, there are people from other locals that commute from 50 minutes away. They hate when I remind them I take the train which costs me $4.80 a day and am at the Jobsite earlier than them.

  9. If you do any tig welding it says right on the tungsten package can cause birth defects.

  10. The fact that you can only view her as a "whore" who's not allowed to do anything but lick toilets and get slapped on camera is a pretty big tell. Maybe you should shut up more.

  11. I guess no one should tell him that 99.% of these dudes actively do/ or have done gay scenes for their career.

  12. I could be totally ignorant, but from my limited knowledge of chemistry and growing fungus, I don’t think adding 5meo to a substrate would change anything at all.

  13. Those are just temporary support beams. What could go wrong is walking into an active construction area. That being said, the workers could have at least put up cones or something.

  14. I may be over analyzing it, but the post underneath that column looks aged, and they should at least have some weight on them, enough where that doesn’t happen. And usually with those columns, there’s metal in the middle, and the bottom of the post slides into a base that runs to the bottom. Someone fucked up somewhere.

  15. Because I'm 43 and shouldn't have stage 4 kidney disease... I'm gonna call tomorrow and see what they say but my mom doesn't smoke or take pain pills or anything that would show up on drug screen. So it has to be something in urine that signifies poor health...something stood out or didn't look right that made that MRO call me.

  16. They aren’t testing for kidney stuff in a drug test. They’re just testing for drugs, the other lab work costs money, and the technicians are most likely only trained/certified in substance identification.

  17. Thanks for the response I didn’t know that. That’s crazy. But he’d get made to look like a fool boxing mayweather too. He’s a sambo guy, not a striker/boxer.

  18. You're welcome. You could say the same vice versa. Khabib would drown Floyd in rd 1 in the Octagon.two absolute masters at their craft in their respective sports. Much respect to both. Beating just 1 man is hard. Beating 29 or 50 is crazy is insane. Beating 3 or 26 world Champions without even being knocked down is just bananas. I'd give my left nut to be able to box like Khabib or wrestle like Floyd. And yes I know what I said. And yes they're that good even at their weaknesses.

  19. Hahahah so true. They are world class athletes. Just to be able to hang with them at all in either style of fighting is unfathomable to me.

  20. He had something going on. They don’t arrest you in the office. Probation officers have to put in some sort of violation and put it before a judge before anything else. You’re fine.

  21. Just an fyi he wouldn’t be detoxing by a one time use offered by his roommate. Takes a little bit to get physically hooked like that.

  22. Honestly, that sounds like the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

  23. well in this case ama means i can put any questions, i asked quesitons whats the problem

  24. Being put away at such an impressionable age, instead of being helped with rehabilitation, and if a record followed her which would make it hard to find a real job, almost sets her up for repeat offenses. And. YTA

  25. Why you on every state in the country’s gone wild subreddits?

  26. Etg levels cut in half every 3 hours max. If you’re under 500 today, you’d be at 0 ng/ml before 24 hours

  27. 99% sure oral swabs only have a detection time on etg the same as a breathalyzer. Can’t detect it after like 12 hours.

  28. I’ve gotten the shot for longer than anyone I’ve ever known. I’m talking years and years. And known a lot of people who have as well. Never heard of this.

  29. Pretty sure you’d go into pwds regardless. I’m not 100% sure though, as I wouldn’t want to test the theory. I took oral naltrexone with a habit and it was one of the the worst times of my life. I could be completely wrong, but I think the nalexone ripping the opiates off the receptors is what “precipitates” the withdrawal regardless of a habit or not.

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