1. huh? I would argue that most peoples definition of a gimmick is: A move/string that is strong only if the opponent doesnt know the answer to the said move/string, or the connection is trash. Exampes of gimmick moves are snake edges, and plenty of strings where the second hit is a high/low (without any mid extension or timing mixup). If the opponent knows the MU and the connection is good, these moves are trash. If not, these moves have the potential to be super abusive.

  2. If hellsweep isn’t a gimmick, does that mean that leis db4,4 isn’t a gimmick since it is faster and as equally launch punishable?

  3. Korean Back Dash, input would be: b,db,n,b it takes some practice but there are YouTube videos on it.

  4. Thanks man, ive been trying it with Paul for a while now but not sure if im doing it correctly tho.

  5. You will have a harder time with it on Paul because of his backsway. Good luck though and keep at it, before you know it you will be doing it without thinking

  6. It is not safe at all, though. Everyone gets a t least a kd on block, some get rage arts and some get launchers, hwo b3, bear twin pistons, even ewgf is possible. Eddy gets a launch every single time,too. Half or a third of the roster gets a launch.

  7. Yeah, except lei. He gets f3,1 except it’s a 50/50 whether it connects due to the insane pushback. So not even a guaranteed punish

  8. Ff3 if done perfectly after block is 1 frame shy of hitting (16f total), though hitting that on block is better than whiffing. It is still dangerous against an actively defending heihachi that knows the matchup. Because there is a mind game around ff3 and if lei guesses wrong he is basically eating a launch.

  9. Sure, why not. I will be happy to play with you to show you some of the ropes if you are on pc

  10. Inaccurate, Steve doesn’t make enough jet sounds, and we have not yet seen his censored penis

  11. One single parent. Three kids. Two kids need medical attention.

  12. I think they meant easy as in the circumstances for them are clear. Parenting under “normal” circumstances isn’t easy. But neither is healing from neglect.

  13. I sometimes dream about becoming a vegetarian that only eats giant blocks of velveeta.

  14. Worth every single second I waited in line to get them

  15. Glad you enjoyed! That place rips. You are definitely in a great place for sandwiches!

  16. Twizzlers and other equally shite candies from the malt shop days

  17. I really like twizzlers, think about buying them and then see the calories. I know it’s mostly sugar, but they seem more caloric than most candy.

  18. This is very true, I also don’t like all of the sugar in my teeth these days. But man will I still destroy a pack every now and then.

  19. Marry? They aren't official and haven't held hands or kissed. The dude is stuck in between being a friend and boyfriend zone. Almost friend with benefits

  20. I love that this is the part you too umbrage with. But you are right, it’s laughable how slow their relationship has been lol

  21. Yeah, you're part of the group that didn't assume the game is going to be 2D. Don't feel attacked by it.

  22. I don’t feel personally attacked, but I do want to discuss the actual concern. Which is that the systems they have been leaning towards is genuine 50/50s.

  23. wouldn't stronger offensive options incentivize better movement? you don't want to get locked into the 50/50 so your positioning has to be better. i think movement is what makes tekken, but also the complete lack of accountability for a step in previous games was oppressive.

  24. Not if the offensive options are plus enough, I agree that movement shouldn’t be brainless. But neither should offense.

  25. It’s not so much a conspiracy as it is awful for the common person. Especially when you consider how many Americans are starving and living paycheck to paycheck. Intentionally paying them as little as possible just feels ghoulish.

  26. Hei’s f3 is -2. If he jabs afterwards it will trade with your 12 frame move. So you’d want to interrupt with jabs. Those can easily be stepped. So yeah, with movement you can still pressure an opponent when you’re -2.

  27. Personally I’m a fan of just calling us all mashers. I’ve seen enough online that it is at least half true.

  28. There are boxing combos that are right punch, right punch BTW. Tyson loved the double hook. Or hook uppercut with the same hand. It was unorthodox and fast, so it was even harder to see coming. Especially with the angles he made.

  29. I thought he was just laughing at how simple the action being animated was, for how long it was. But big agree if he was laughing at the concept of a double right.

  30. I'm an aggressive player in T7 so this sounds fun. I've always hated The turtle up backdash whiff punish playstyle. Like cmon this is a gfighting game. Let's fight!!!

  31. What I was aiming at was when the whole match is just the opponent back dashing. That TO ME is boring.

  32. I guess I hear you, it is just a core part of what makes tekken unique. Does it suck chasing down an opponent? Hell yeah it does, lei especially struggles with it. But it was a fun barrier to overcome.

  33. yeah that guy is a raging asshole, and also pretty sure he was technically cheating? Of course I don’t know the in and outs of the rules and what level of rules enforcement this was being played on, but pretty sure knowingly performing a card effect incorrectly goes against the rules. Definitely should be if it isn’t

  34. As an old magic player, can confirm this would have been cheating. The rules for game state have gotten more strict in a good way to orevent stuff like this.

  35. Its really just about the fact that lower ranked players know nothing about frames and have weird decision making. I can't tell you how many times I've used a WS+4 and made someone -8 , then tried to forward dash to challenge their defense instead of flow charting into a frame trap or something and then get launched by an opponents hopkick. Its more prevalent with lower ranks because of the "hopekick" mentality or being more willing to try crushing something instead of properly defending.

  36. This is so real, dashing in to what should be a back step or sidestep and finding opponent just decided to mash a stupid option on defense is annoying.

  37. Best of luck to you out there. Idk if you got any of the settlement but ITT tech did have a payout. Might be worth looking in to

  38. I have noticed this when dealing with Skaven. I bitch when dealing with them cause they won’t fight me. But then end up laughing at some of the fights the other ai will take. Feels like there isn’t a good middle ground.

  39. Reactive abuse doesn’t happen without someone being abusive to you in the first place and is just another way to gaslight the victim into believing they’re the problem. It’s an awful thing to experience and reflect on, but it is important to remember that it doesn’t mean you’re an abusive partner.

  40. You can understand that abuse is a cycle without victim blaming. If anything it is noting that that the behavior required to survive doesn’t define you as a person. As you said survival tactics are a learned behavior and can be unlearned. But survival tactics also tend to bring extreme action which often leads to harm to those around you.