1. If I saw you I might have asked you to take to to the back

  2. Would love to see those (and more) in person

  3. So nice I might have to DM you 😈

  4. Imagine you have a normal lip of cope original and you’re drinking sweet tea at the same time, that’s what it is

  5. Wait. Really? I’ll have to try it next time. Thanks for the help friend

  6. Would love to see you with that in ❤️

  7. The songs called “best day ever”

  8. Got a can of the griz mint pouches and idk who says they are not strong at all. But damn I got a major buzz from them.

  9. I've had a can of those before but they didnt do anything for me. But nothing really does anymore

  10. Stokers mint is a really good mint. It's like all mint flavor but it's not the same as grizzly or cope mint, it tastes like mint oreos

  11. It's always been dark-fired that's why bgg it's called the dark series

  12. Going to meps this Wednesday, praying I get MA

  13. Hope you do, then maybe we'll go to RTC together lol

  14. How does stack up to other mints eg. skoal and cope mint?

  15. You on spring break ain’t you? I’m a local right up the road around foley

  16. Yea I am but I'm actually in Foley right now 😂

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